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  1. ohlizlove

    My progress.

    Pictures of myself every day (skipped one).
  2. ohlizlove

    Day 6

    Ahhhh. Broke out a little bit on my chin. Only upside to that is that they aren't lasting nearly as long as they would before. Face started to peal around my mouth. Skin feels terrible. I keep on saying it feels like leather, but i can't help but hate it. Even with the acne and such, my skin was always soft. It's so dry. The lotion wasn't working one bit so i started to use some Cetaphil. SO much better. My skin wasn't liking the liquid lotion so much. I think all it needed was a heavier cream.
  3. ohlizlove

    Day 5

    Well. Did the Regimen today like usual. Wasn't very dry until i had washed it at night. Before i even put the BP on, it was starting to peel a little around my mouth and left cheek. Skin feels leathery. Tight. I didn't use the lotion that came with it and i'm glad i didn't. It doesn't burn as much. Face has been red all day. Looks and feels like a sunburn. BUT. I'm seeing an improvement in my pictures that i have been taking show. I can honestly deal with the burning and the red face and a littl
  4. I'm experiencing the same exact thing! I'm not flaky or anything but my skin is red and it feels like i have a sunburn. Burns like hell when i'm putting the BP and lotion on. Skins tight and feels dry but when i touch it it feels lubricated. So weird. Dans lotion isn't really working for me as i go along with this Regimen. I'm also looking for a new lotion. Suggestions?
  5. ohlizlove

    Day 4

    Woke up and did the Regimen. After i washed my face with the Cleanser, it felt very dry and burned. Skin felt a little dry all day and when i put a small amount my makeup powder on my face, i noticed it looked a little dry. Nothing noticeable to other people but to me i could tell. When i did the Regimen at night though, it had BURNED. But the weird thing is that it's only red on and around my nose. I did notice my pimples haven't been so red during the day. Face at the moment feels very tight.
  6. ohlizlove

    Day 3

    Started the Regimen on Thursday. Todays Saturday. Didn't get to start this until now. I have combination skin. It get's very dry after i wash my face but as the day progresses it gets oily. I have mild-moderate acne. I get cystic acne(though not all over my face) but one or two about every two to three months. I had serious cystic acne two years ago that had left scars on my cheeks. Now i have one on my left cheek that has been there for almost two months. Started to cluster and get more around