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  1. After 2 1/2 years of procrastinating, i finally decided to try this regimen. Like many others on this site, I've researched, purchased, accomplished, and failed with many skin care products, to include Proactive, Murad, Obagi, Ambi, and Max Clarity to name a few. IT IS TIME TO TAKE A STAND!!!! I've decided to commit to an eight (8) month challenge on this regimen, starting on July 5, 2011. Please feel free to follow as I take this journey to clear skin....
  2. WOW! That story pierced right to the core of my heart! Thank you Willow569 for this post!!! As you mentioned, we find ourselves crying, complaining, feeling unattractive about the acne/scars but in point of fact, the issue could be far worst (as in the case of Lilly). I truly commend this young lady for her strength.