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  1. I get those as well. I cover it with BP before I go to bed and just wash it off in the morning. Mine go away pretty fast.
  2. Omg! I can't believe we are in the same boat! I have the same problem. My "rash" started around my mouth but eventually made it's way to my chin and my left cheek. I saw a derm and was told I have perioral dermatitis. He put me on tetracyclin and bunch of other topicals. Two to three days into taking the antibiotics, I woke up to my forhead covered in those exact same bumps that you have. It was very itchy around my hairline at first. Do you experience any itching? My skin is suddenly also very
  3. HI CanadianHype, No, this is quiet the opposite. They are very red and you can see the puss. I know what you are referring to. I've had those before and this is not it ;(
  4. Thank you guys so much for your reply. I just washed my face and broke down. It looks so horrible...just tiny red bumps. I am taking Gianvi right now and was told I need to finish the entire pack before I can go back on Yasmin. I went through so much hell with this pill. I get my period twice a month, have horrible back and head pain and I guess now this horrific skin condition. I am seriously so suicidal that it's scaring me! Regarding folliculities, sometimes there will be a white hair (peac
  5. Hi Guys, I am so desperate..I don't even know where to begin! I have all these puss filled, red bumps all over my cheek. I've had acne for over 5 years and this looks like nothing the acne I've had. I had extremely oily skin and the regular case of acne but going on Yasmin finally cleared it up. Around November, I started getting this horrific acne/rash/puss filled bumps. It started off around my mouth(especially the laugh lines) and chin area. I saw a derm. and was told that it's perioral derm
  6. I think you can get the honey from most health food shops. I know a few people that have used it for cuts etc and it does work. I bought the honey at Whole Foods store..it's pretty pricey, about $28. To me, its worth every penny. I use it on every cut and wound I have because my skin takes forever to heal. My doctor had me even checked out for diabetes because my skin just doesn't heal but with this honey my cystic wounds were gone within two days. I also had a "cyst" on my cheek that w
  7. Again, thank you all for your help. My cysts AND the scarring are completely gone from using Manuka honey for two days. I purchased the honey for a stomach ulcer that I have but read somewhere online that Manuka honey is great on wounds. So, I used it on my cysts and the wounds that were not healing. After two days, the skin was completely healed and it's almost not noticeable where the cysts were. I am shocked and so happy that it healed soooo fast with something so simple. However, now I have
  8. The AHA souffle was great for the milia, especially on my cheeks. However, I noticed that my red marks would never go away. I've had one from July that was still here in January. So, for some reason I stopped using the AHA and within a few weeks my red marks were gone on my cheek. I dont know if it was a coincidence or what, but I thought the AHA was suppossed to help with the red marks but in my case it seems that it just prolonged them. I guess everyone's skin is different but give it a try, m
  9. I've used it for almost a year and I had no initial purging. However, I could never use it on my forehead because it always broke me out there for some reason. It was excellent anywhere else at keeping the "milia" (skin colored bumps) away!
  10. The cyst is almost gone...I can only feel it when I press on it. However, I literally have a wound on my chin now where the 2 cysts were. There is no skin and it's indented. I have no idea why it's not healing or why new skin isn't growing over it? I have tried neosporin but it isn't working. What is wrong with my body? ;( P.S. Thank u all for the advice and support!
  11. Where can I buy manuka honey, besides online? Are there any specific stores in the US that sell this?
  12. It's still here and huge. It almost doesn't hurt anymore but it hasn't changed in size..makes no sense ;(
  13. I dont have insurance and this thing has been around since Sunday. So, basically I haven't left the house since Sunday except my trip today to my regular dr. for a physical. I hate life! I have tried EVERYTHING and nothing is bringing this sucker down. It literally feels like a marble under the skin. My friend told me today to get some beet leaves and put them on my cyst then cover with a bandaid. I've never heard of doing such a thing and I dont know if she's just messing with me. However, I a
  14. Ahhhh, I see you and I are in the same boat. The exact thing happened to me! The first cyst is gone now, but there is a big hole surrounded by what looks like a burn wound, but the second one (got it from trying to pop the first one) just keeps growing and growing. It feels like a hard button under my skin. Have you had any success??
  15. Ruski, I will definately try these products for a few days/week and I'll report my progress. Actually, the sales lady told me that her daughter had terrible acne until she started using Mario Badescu but as u know, everyones skin is different.