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  1. dont avoid it. talk to her about it. thats how you know if you should keep her or not.
  2. got a bad pimple on my chin... and i have a date tom. dont think its gonna go anywear so no go today
  3. you probably need to keep it up.... BP is not a permenant solution, you need to keep at it. only time will tell for sure tho
  4. depends. ultimately its up to you to decide. everyone will say not to because it is the most risk adverse and safe route. if you think it is worth the risk of scaring or dont think it will, then you should go ahead, but the brown mark might be there for some time, otherwise you should leave it alone.
  5. i have the same reaction to alcohol... i get compliments on my skin after i go on drinking binges... lol. i think it has to do with stress levels.
  6. ^this. and also, the regimen is the best solution for alot of people when weighing pros and cons. Diet will not always fix acne. everyone is different.
  7. sometimes, less is more. This is one of those cases, dont ramp up BP unless you have to, theres no turning back once you ramp up the dose and your skin adjusts to it. no need to rush to that point
  8. I personally breakout pretty bad to aveeno products. Just seems like they dont know what they are doing when it comes to acne prone items. CVS wash should be fine. My personal experience though. I have pretty reactive skin.
  9. the pump bottles are always a concern for me, since they can come udone when they arent shrink wrapped. Please allow it to be a option.
  10. Thank you for shedding some light on this topic. Antibotics in my experience is only a short term solution that comes with many long term consequences. They were never designed for prolonged use like derms are prescribing.
  11. its ok if you have a small amount of acne. but its not useful if you have anything above a moderate amount.
  12. dans cleanser is pretty sensitive skin friendly.... have you tried it?
  13. 5% is fine. I would argue that using twice the amount of 2.5% is almost no different than using 5% in a normal amount. 2.5% just allows for better control since its a lower dosage.
  14. you can just get a simple 2% salicylic acid wash and use a small amount so it doesnt get filmy and leave it on.... havent had any trouble yet doing it.
  15. this regimen is quite drying... make sure to use a moisturizer....