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  1. What was the wait time to see Dr. Emil?
  2. I performed TCA cross on myself and didn't get any scabs on some scars either, they just went red. Don't think it's a scab, just red.
  3. Hey, have you had your skin checked over by a Dermatologist? Maybe they can tell you what that red mark on the right is. I had the same looking mark on my face and it turned out to be BCC. Don't want to scare you, it's easily treatable.
  4. How come you have ZERO sebaceous filaments? My nose is covered with them.
  5. First of all, I can understand how you feel about your scars, but you should know that you're a good looking guy regardless of your scarring. Once the hyper pigmentation fades you can get a better idea how how to start treating your scars. For the redness you can try various topicals like Vitamin C serum (try Melano CC on Amazon), Hydroquinone (look for Ambi Fade cream), and Niacinamide 10%. I'm not a huge expert but it looks like most of your scarring is large boxcar scars. Subcision
  6. How was your experience with TCA cross? Do you recommend it?
  7. What about a low dosage of accutane? Something like 50mg/week?
  8. Worst breakout which left new rolling scars.

    Tried this because I wanted to fade some red marks, but it gave me the worst breakout in years, and now I can see those pimples have left rolling scars. I was at the stage where I was treating my previous rolling scar (I only had one), but now thanks to Rosehip I'm left with 3 or 4 new rolling scars. I'd advise anyone who has sensitive skin not to try this; it's not worth the risk. There are products out there that you don't have to take a gamble with. Screw essential oils. Can't believe I fell
  9. 1 week in - still new pimples

    Been taking 5000Ui daily for the last week along with K3, Vitamin A, and Magnesium supplements (all daily). I think it helps the active acne calm down faster, but I'm still getting new pimples, although my skin seems drier. I'll keep using for a month to see if it does anything more but so far it's not the holy grail/cure all for me. It's disappointing as I'm 26 and have had steady acne since I was 12. Tried everything (accutane, spend hundreds of $$ on skin care products, moisturisers, chemical
  10. Any update to this? I have the same scar/pore problem. Did you try TCA Cross? I've done a few TCA home peels up to 17.5% (always one layer) as well as about 5 sessions of Microneedling using a Dr. Pen (I've since bought a Derminator), but haven't noticed much of a difference.
  11. Damn, so the downtime for a Phenol Peel is 1+ months?
  12. From what I've read you should expect to pay around 600-800euro for those procedures. I notice you didn't include filler, which would bring it up. Another user paid about £700 for subcision & filler including flights to/from Denmark, but he didn't stay in a hotel or anything. I'm prepared to pay €1000/session including flights. Small price to pay for improving my scars and life.
  13. @JohnMarston What was it like doing everything in the same day, flying back straight after? I'm considering doing the same thing. Did you wear a surgical mask or something? How long did it take for the initial bruising to go down?