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  1. If I bought the UK version with plug, can I use it in the EU with a simple plug adaptor?
  2. Did you get filler? I had similar results from subcision & filler on cheeks. Not amazing but not terrible. Going back in a few months for another round. I'm just glad I'm on the road to improvement.
  3. Had sub & filler done 4 days ago and my cheeks are still quite swollen, and tender (but not painful). Will this continue to go down? Or is it the filler making my face look fat?
  4. Can microneedling help with PIE redness? I've got a stubburn PIE mark which looks like a red freckle for the last 9 months. Hasn't lightened whatsoever despite using so many creams. I don't want to make it worse.
  5. Used the derminator for the first time last night after doing 5 sessions of a Dr. Pen cheap chinese dermapen. The derminator felt like it's working better but I will wait till a few weeks to see results. I didn't feel like I had any improvement at all from the 5 dermapen sessions, so I'm not fully convinced yet of microneedling. My scars are shallow and textural, so only in indirect lighting can I see how bad they are. How long after microneedling can I resume tretinoin?
  6. these results are amazing. after only 1 co2 session it's like 90% improvement. I just want to start my treatment asap :( How much was the CO2 Fractional?
  7. What was the wait time to see Dr. Emil?
  8. I performed TCA cross on myself and didn't get any scabs on some scars either, they just went red. Don't think it's a scab, just red.
  9. Hey, have you had your skin checked over by a Dermatologist? Maybe they can tell you what that red mark on the right is. I had the same looking mark on my face and it turned out to be BCC. Don't want to scare you, it's easily treatable.
  10. How come you have ZERO sebaceous filaments? My nose is covered with them.
  11. First of all, I can understand how you feel about your scars, but you should know that you're a good looking guy regardless of your scarring. Once the hyper pigmentation fades you can get a better idea how how to start treating your scars. For the redness you can try various topicals like Vitamin C serum (try Melano CC on Amazon), Hydroquinone (look for Ambi Fade cream), and Niacinamide 10%. I'm not a huge expert but it looks like most of your scarring is large boxcar scars. Subcision
  12. How was your experience with TCA cross? Do you recommend it?
  13. What about a low dosage of accutane? Something like 50mg/week?