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  1. Hi Susan

    I was discussing the bad old days of acne earlier and remembered this site; i just wanted to say a thank you for your support way back in 2011 when i was at my worst, that i never acknowledged at the time (selfish!) - hope you are keeping well! Chances are, like me you havent been on this site for quite some time so you probably wont see this but sending it anyway! A million thanks

  2. yea course, you won't have a choice but to! Hmm well I'm almost a month into 40mg a day, and my face is completely oil free but it doesn't feel dry enough for me to consider moisturizing just yet. Are you still in the IB stage? It will get dry there's no doubting that.
  3. Hey mate I've nearly finished my first week on 40mg a day, will be going up to 60mg after a month. I've been taking both pills at the same time in the evening after dinner with a scoop of peanut butter and washed down with some coconut milk. Just wondering if you take both your 20mg pills at the same time or you spread them out during the day. Personally I don't like the idea of eating a fatty meal in morning AND the evening. My skin was pretty clear when I started Roaccutane a week ago, but th
  4. I've only got about 5 weeks left on accutane now, I currently have maybe 5 cysts on my neck, 1 spot on my chest, 2 on my face but still have a bit of marking on my cheeks. My forehead, nose, mouth area are all clear as day. My back and back of neck are completely clear too.
  5. My sister was also prescribed prednisolone, its a steroid to prevent the initial outbreak.
  6. Yea, ill definitely get some pictures up tomorrow when ive more time
  7. 5 weeks left as of tomorrow with an optional 2 weeks as well
  8. Not been on in a long time, been very busy. Anyway I've got 5 weeks to go, still not completly clear. Just chest and neck to go really, small bit on sides of face left to go too. Back is grand, forehead, nose and chin are all fine (got one on my chin and one on my lips in total over last few weeks). Nexk is still fairly bad, but looking at that pic from couple months ago, its definietly improved. Thanks for all the comments
  9. think im on day 62 moved upto 65mg last week was doing 50 for a week or two before that and had started out on 35, face is grand, just few bits and pieces here and there barely noticeable, back clear, chest still dodgy, neck rough enough. Dryness is ridiculous, and lips are very bad too. Got eczema on my arms too (very noticeable on right arm, hardly any on left). Back to derm on monday, third last visit i think
  10. hey hows ur accutane course coming a long

  11. Thanks all, latest update Im now on day 37, I'm back to Derm on Monday the 8th to go up to 60mg. I've been a bit reckless last week or so with roaccutane (not drinking enough water, drinking too much alcohol, taking it with just a tiny bit of food), and the improvement has stopped. I've copped on again now, but my neck is quite shit, including a fucking huge one that came up overnight monday. I had to delete a couple of earlier photos to make room for these (4mb is a bit naff int it?)
  12. You just have to plough on through it lass, try not to worry too much it'll be over before you know it (I know it doesn't seem that way at the time). Maybe pick a date in the near future a couple months down the line (concert, holiday etc), that you're looking forward to, and focus on how you'll be back looking 100% by then, and this will be in the past.