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  1. just ordered it today! So inspired! Thanks for posting this doll =)
  2. About how much fish? How long? How did you prepare it? So glad it worked for you =)
  3. Coconut oil is EXTREMELY comedegenic! That may be causing your breakouts! Try using jojoba oil or olive oil first!
  4. Yes it helped my skin after months of terror. THERE WAS A TERRIBLE INITIAL BREAKOUT. You have to be tough, ready and strong to embrace all the new breakouts. But remember, IT WILL GET BETTER. You will most likely break out on the second week of every pack and it will get better by the time you hit the placebo pills. I took mine like at 8 everynight. I did get some nausea and terrible cramps.Also I was really depressed. Everything made me want to cry. It takes about six months for your body to
  5. keep it up! Im following! I lift heavy! But i had acne before lifting so im curious. Also what do you eat?
  6. Keep up the posts! Also can you list an example on what you eat? I'd like to follow your progress
  7. Dont replace it! Drinking green tea is very very very beneficial! But you need water as well. Plus too much green tea is high in caffenine and can dehydrate you! You still need tons of water. But don't let the warnings of drinking green tea scare you! Drink plenty! But still keep your water intake above all else!
  8. Hey! I havent been on this site much because I don't have internet and my breakouts are minimal. I broke out so much from the birth control! I always broke out on the 2nd week it was the worst. But i stuck with it. It wasnt until the fifth or 6 month that I started clearing up and breaking out less and less on the 2nd week. My clearest time was on the placebo pill. But stick with it and it'll clear up(: I got off of it because I got clear and had no problems stopping it! Stick with it and give i
  9. Oh... Idk about that but as far as not getting pregnant you're not okay lol
  10. But you skipped your placebo pills right? You don't even have to take them, they're just reminder pills to make sure you don't forget after not taking them for a week. I start a new pack this sunday
  11. I'm on my fourth day of fourth week. I just started today and no I didn't get any cramps or anything out of the usual. So idk.... I did when I had my first pack but nothing crazy. Are you on the placebo pills?