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  1. Wow I can't believe how much things have improved for you! I'm so pleased for you, our plight at the beginning seems such a long time ago, I hope things continue to stay positive for you
  2. bubbles82

    Day 50!

    So today is 'Day 50' and I went back to see my Dermatologist. He had a bit of a stress in that he really wants me to come off of the steroids, but I managed to pursuade him to give me another two weeks prescription of 5mg a day, as I'm so paranoid I'm gonna break out again horrifically when I stop them. He's also upped my Isotetrinoin/Roaccutane/whatever you wanna call it, and from tomorrow I'll be on 60mg a day (scary stuff!). He again confirmed that my treatment will be six months, so by my
  3. Hi all you lot out there! So haven't updated my blog in a while as have been pretty busy with one thing and another. Am looking to move house soon so things have been a little stressful of late to say the least! Anyways, I am really pleased to report that since the last time I blogged, I haven't had any more beasts pop up! I am really hoping that this is it now for the initial breakout and my skin takes a turn for the better, but don't wanna get my hopes up too much or jinx it!! As regard
  4. bubbles82

    Day 39

    Okiley dokily, so I'm on day 39 and not really sure why I'm blogging, as I haven't got a whole lot to report! Had my hair done today and a lovely back massage, which made me feel a little better in some ways but all the girls in the salon were planning a girly night as a new club has opened in town (which I was invited to but will not go out at the moment looking like this!!), and they all had lovely skin so it made me feel a little sad. Once I wouldn't have even given it a second thought, but
  5. bubbles82

    Day 70 Post Accutane

    Ah I'm so pleased your Accutane journey has been successful and you are now acne free. Good for you, its such a positive story to read! I hope my journey is as good as yours, and how lovely that your man loves you for who you are.
  6. bubbles82

    day 36

    So I'm on 'Day 36' and really don't have a whole lot to report, bar that my face is starting to get dry and peel a little. I have been avoiding putting moisturiser on at night sometimes, as I'm scared it's feeding my spots, but think that might be why the dryness has occured! My lips are dry too, but the Vaseline is looking after them well. As regards my face, still no improvement at all. Got lots of scabs/big lumps which I am trying to hide with foundation, and don't even get me started o
  7. Hiya, sorry for the delay - only just seen your response. Yes its killed my confidence too, I don't wanna go out or do anything as makeup just won't cover the volcanoes on my face at the moment!! Plus my makeup looks really crap when I put it on coz my face is drying out. My face is really bad at the moment and is worse than before I started I think, but hopefully things will start to pick up soon. They say after month two you start noticing a difference. Keep your chin up hun, we'll get th
  8. bubbles82

    Day 31

    Hi guys, Nothing really much to report other than my face is an absolute mess! I have three mahusive scabs - one on my chin, one on my cheek and the other just under my nose. Is anyone else noticing that if they squeeze a spot or even knock it whilst on Roaccutane, it forms a massive scab? Also, these scabs are totally uncoverable, and they seem to be hanging around for what seems like ever, and not drying up. Has anyone got any suggestions of what I can put on them to try and soothe/aid th
  9. bubbles82

    Day 29

    Hey Espoirvertrauen!Thank you for your comment and words of encouragement, that is so sweet of you. It sounds like we're in the same boat as I've been reading your blog and see you developed acne aged 27 - just a year before me. Did you have clear skin before then?I've been really down this week and I think that is not helped by the Roaccutane and Steroids, but I am trying to stay positive and think of the end result. Its horrible though when you look in the mirror and all you can see on your
  10. bubbles82

    Day 29

    Today is day 29 (in the big brother house ... sorry couldn't resist!!). So update, I spoke to Dermatology yesterday and said my face was going absolutely CRAZY breaking out, and they have decided to keep me on the steroids for another three weeks - 10mg a day. That should take me up to when I see the dermatologist again for my 2 month check, and no doubt he will have words as he doesn't particularly like me being on them. Back to my face, it is absolutely disgusting. I had a nurse come in
  11. Hey Godrickuk!Cheers for the comment! Re the smoking, my Dermatologist doesn't know I smoke either - I'm too chicken to tell him as it will probably only result in a lecture!! No it was the laser skin people who advised me to cut down, which I have done drastically (well I'm only in day 2, smoking 2 a day haha!!). They say it doesn't help with skin problems/scarring, but if its more stress for you to quit/cut down then you have to do what's best for you.Yes I will try to keep your comments in
  12. Hey! We must have started treatment around the same time! I've been reading your blog and see that your on 40mg a day now, which is the same as me. Good luck with your journey, I will keep checking your blog out to see how your getting on. Acne is a bitch isn't it?! Lets hope we get the results we desperately want, as soon as possible. Keep your chin up
  13. Day 26 - what a long road this is turning out to be, and I'm not even a quarter of a way through yet! My face looks absolutely disgusting without make-up on, I can't quite believe how many red marks and spots there are. I feel like a frickin freak show, and its really getting me down . Thank God I have discovered Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation - anybody struggling to hide blemishes/imperfections/scars/red marks, get yourself a tube. At £26.00 a pot its espensive, but it is by far the
  14. So today is day 24, feels like its been a lifetime already and I'm not even done with my first month! I phoned Dermatology today to get my bloods back, and they're all normal thank God. My weekend was a bit booze-fuelled so I was surprised, but I'm glad! I've been really good since starting Roaccutane and not had a drink, but did slip up which I will try not to do too much. Re my face, its getting dry now especially around the spots. They are quite scabby but I think they're reducing in siz
  15. bubbles82

    Day 22

    Hey there!Thanks for the tip, I've just ordered some of that cream online and will pick it up Wednesday when its in my local Boots (my one is crap so there's no point in even asking if they've got it in there because I already know the answer, which is why its safer to order online!!).How are you getting on with your treatment? Are you coming out the IB stage yet? Mine is still going strong, but I'm trying to keep the faith! Keep reading your blog - your comment about having a red face made m