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  1. I have the same problem! I also used the neutrogena acne body wash on my upper back and chest, which helped considerably but my face is a train wreck...
  2. i had really nice skin before and during retin-a, but i stopped using it all the way back in february (aka im not using it now) here's a post with pictures of my skin before and after http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/315091-acne-disasterwhat-5-months-has-done-to-my-skin-pics-past-present/page__p__3239518#entry3239518
  3. no i haven't in fear she might just prescribe me ANOTHER medication seeing how bad my acne has progressed..
  4. I stopped using Retin-A (.04%) after using it for a year at the beginning of February. My skin now is worse than it was before and during retin-a! It's been like this for MONTHS now! It's red, with hundreds of bumps/red bumps/a couple whiteheads. (VERY bad) I'm still puzzled why Retin-A would do this Do you think my skin got so used to the daily retin-a, that when I stopped using it, it freaked out?! *My skin was very nice when I started using it (hence, I'm not sure why my mom
  5. i used the gel and honestly i cannot remember what i used when i had mild acne. (it was soo long ago)
  6. I had like no acne when i started using it (i shouldn't have used it and my mom tried to convince me but i was naive) and the pimples went away but were never fully clear. i stopped using it and im now dealing with the worst acne of my life. february 2011 - start using retin-a (light, mild acne) february 2012- stop using retin-a (still light mild acne, tiny tiny breakout) february 2012- current: worst ever (25+ bumps on my forehead, temples, cheeks are bad, chin is breaking out, upper lip has
  7. Your situation sounds so much like mine! I had mild acne/almost no acne at all and then I stopped using my derm topical and got horrible acne. I just ordered samples of the paulas choice liquid.
  8. i hope it won't come to that. im gonna wait until the end of school (which is in about a month) and see if it's any better with my new routine. if not, ill see a dermatologist during summer break. :/
  9. 1.) how could i have been in the purging stage after a YEAR of using it? 2.) i know, i know...i shouldn't have started using it i used it for a year and didn't have any problems. i decided to stop using it and...yeah. horrible ending result!
  10. I had like no acne when I started using retin-a. But I was an insecure and I did the dumbest thing and started using it. I used it for about a year until a couple months ago. I stopped using it because I felt my skin was the same (just added redness) and... my face is covered in acne. EVERYWHERE. do you think the retin-a messed up my skin..forever? i regret ever using it! i should have listened to my mom and realized i had beautiful skin. i should have ignored the literally 2 spots i