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  1. Hello,

    Would you mind inboxing me? I'm currently looking into having recell and would really appreciate it if you could give me a bit of advice. Thanks!!

  2. Hey cherry. No, its not been a failure in that i have had great improvement, just not enough to bare my face.... recell is supposed to be one time only. As far as i know there have not been repeat procedures done. But, whenever its done there is the chance that the pigment will or will not 'take'. If it didnt 'take' fully in the centre of my scar, is there a chance it could take if done a second time? both doctors i saw thought it wasnt worth risking the improvements i have had, for the ch
  3. hey cherry, i only just noticed this post. Things are going ok. I dont think there has been much more improvement .......and seeing as i have no funds its not been worth my energy thinking about the next step......its not improved enough to show my forehead and in that respect, (as someone from here said) its been a failure .sorry thats not quite a optimistic!!!! its still been worth it for the amount of improvement i got, but its not been the miracle we all long for.
  4. Do you know what the risks are to repeating treatment? I'm curious. Are there potential side-effects? both of them pointed out there is always a risk when you take off the top layer of skin. risk of infection, risk of the pigment not taking. They were reluctant to laser /dermabrade the new pigmented skin, that the risks outweighed the possibility of a few more % in improvement. I'd still like to try it again but will wait until the full results are known. Dr Rawlins said he had seen improvement
  5. yawn yawn....so am i now working undercover for jeremy rawlins seeing as i went for a consult with him to look at the possibility of further recell treatment? further recell treatment? i thought they only do it once and once only. hmmmm.... supposedly. I had very encouraging results from my treatment which improved the dent loads and also filled in pigment around the edges of the scar, reducing the hypopigmented area substantially. The centre of the scar, the pigment hasnt returned as fully as
  6. yawn yawn....so am i now working undercover for jeremy rawlins seeing as i went for a consult with him to look at the possibility of further recell treatment?
  7. well at the time i had laser treatment, i had already had 2 surgical excisions, which had left a clear line with uneveness . I had laser to ty to resurface the area, and smooth it down more. Its hard to explain how it looked. It was more like the skin had been folded, rather than a neat thin scar line. I did have many laser treatments over the years which werent a problem but the last session i had went very deep and while it did obliterate the original scar, it also left a long rectangular den
  8. hey there! Well, he didnt recommend excising the scar, but I saw the thought going through his mind and he did admit he was slightly tempted to suggest excision for the top half. I just KNOW if he had seen it before Recell he would have definitely recommended it......BUT..i went through 10 years with a straight excision scar and i hated it. Being where it was, it looked like a big frown. So i stick by what i did. If i do end up excising the top part, i could maybe skew it a bit so it doesnt look
  9. Ok I've just seen Jeremy rawlins who didnt try to 'sell' me any treatments - in fact his advice was to do nothing and wait for at least 18 months past Recell. he said he had seem patients at 9 months that he felt disappointed with, then by 18 months it had really changed. So, sit tight is the advice. I am feeling a bit hmmmm...because his immediate thought was to excise.......now i didnt want to excise because ive had 3 excisions in the past. I didnt even want to consider it. . but as he poi
  10. would you say that recell was worth it for the hypopigment? How much improvement would you estimate you got? I wonder when it'll be in the US hard to say. bear in mind that pigment lost through laser surgery has different mechanisms to pigment lost through other trauma (according to Borecs findings, the melanocytes are there but 'switched off'.) The edges of my whitened area have crept in a few mm making the hypopigmented area half the size, which is significant for me. but for a wider are
  11. No worries Investor! As i just said in Borecs thread, Im going to get a second opinion on what to do next from Jeremy rawlins. I feel that, the pigment has migrated inwards from the edges. If i did recell again, it could migrate further. Dr Ahmed said not to risk doing it again when i got such a good result, and suggested PRP instead. I dont see why a second shot of recell is a 'risk'......so anyway, a second opinion is always good. I had a holiday last week and the outer edges of the whitened
  12. jeremy rawlins is currently working out of glasgow SKIN FX clinic once a month! I have an appointment in a couple of weeks to get his advice on the next step. The dent i had is all but gone. The hypopigmented area greatly reduced, it appeared initially that the pigment was going to come back fully, but then a few months later it was whiter again. Now since ive been on holiday more pigment appears to have migrated inwards, so the white area is narrowed further still.
  13. no idea sorry! but if what borec says is true, that laser-induced hypo is different to 'normal' hypo, i guess recell would work differently on vitiligo than scars like mine and borecs