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  1. *allie*

    - vegan & all natural - smells great - calming on skin - non drying - lasts a long time - evens complexion - doesn't lather too well - won't heal acne This is an awesome, gentle cleanser. If you have dry or sensitive skin this is perfect. it doesn't irritate your skin. and is very calming and gets rid of redness.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions! recently I've tried m.a.c and colourstay in the lightest shades and they were both far too dark (especially m.a.c) and broke me out right now i'm using the lush colour supplement in 'jackie oates' which is their lightest shade and it is still just a bit too orange for my skin but it's not so bad actually, and it doesn't break me out AT ALL. So i think i'll stick with that. also - does anyone know where I can buy a white foundation to mix in with other foundations?
  3. Question! so i've been taking accutane for about a month now, it has already cleared up almost all of my pimples (now I only have 2 or 3 on my face at a time) but it hasn't helped with my acne scaring at all.. which covers about 50% or more of my face I don't have the crazy types of scarring, just the red spots, a couple of them are raised but the rest are flat. It takes me about 20 minutes in the morning just to cover my acne scars, and even after that you can still see them. School is startin
  4. I was wondering if anyone else was perscribed benzaclin, and what your expierience was with it. Also, if i stop using it am i going to break out??
  5. I've had acne for about 7 - 8 months, and i have tried absolutley everything out there to clear it! So, I really want to start accutane soon, and my doctor said he would perscribe it to me if the minocycline pills he perscribed me last time didn't work (they didn't ) So i guess i'm just curious what you think of it, if there's anything i should know before i take it, and what any questions are that i should ask my doctor when i go there next week. thanks in advance (:
  6. phsycian's formula green concealer works great! it stays on all day and doesn't get oily, plus it is the best coverage i have ever seen in a concealer. The only thing is that you have to go over it with foundation ('cause it's green) and i usually put covergirl clean oil control over top of it, which has good coverage and i really used to like it until i read the ingredients :s (lots of carcinogens) so i wouldn't really reccomend that anymore.
  7. *allie*

    not oily not greasy covered light acne well didn't look cakey didn't cause or irritate acne doesn't really cover moderate/severe acne I used this makeup for a long time and i loved it! I used to have light acne and it worked great, didn't make my skin oily or anything. but when my acne got worse i found it didn't cover very well. But this isn't what broke me out.
  8. The best primer that i have ever used is called base perfector by sheer cover. you can buy it on the proactive website or at proactive stands at the mall. usually you want to stay away from proactive cause it sucks, but this stuff doesn't. I have pretty oily skin too, but after using this my skin literally isn't oily at all. it contains a lot of calming ingredients too. it says on the tube that it 'smoothes imperfections and minimizes the appearance of pores' and that's exactly what it does. it
  9. I'm about as pale as they come and i can never find a foundation that's as light as my skin. i always look orange! even if i try the lightest shade. also, i do have acne so i need something that will cover it any suggestions????
  10. St.Ives apricot scrub! i have moderate acne and it's what i've been using for as long as i can remember. it exfoliates really well, but is gentle and doesn't irritate my acne. it also has good ingredients which is important to me personally. my skin feels so soft after i use it (:
  11. *allie*

    inexpensive alright coverage broke me out! hard to find my shade looked cakey oily after wearing for a short time don't buy this. i'm as pale as they come and when i put this on i looked like i rolled around in doritos. basically, i was orange. i have oily skin, and after about 2 hours of wearing this foundation my skin looked oily and cakey. it has okay coverage, but i seriously wouldn't reccomend it if you have acne, because it broke me out. it may be different for other pe
  12. *allie*

    controls oil easy to use long lasting smells nice (: none, as far as i'm concerned I used this for 4 months, along with the rest of the proactive products and this was the only thing in my kit that i actually liked. I have combination skin, but in my t-zone area my face is VERY oily. I used this and my face was not oily at all. Even when i put makeup over it and wore it for a whole day it did not stop working.