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  1. Well I have been increase to 40 mg twice a day now. my lips still get dry but not as bad as they use to. My nose and chin looks like a straw berry and at time to do pick the white heads i cant help it. My derm said to get a warm wash cloth and gently wipe them but picking can leave a bruise. my hair is still shedding but not that bad. My derm said my hair will grow back but ive been going to my hair stylest every two weeks to get a wash and condition and deep condition. I am black so not
  2. Yea I am very sad and I am tryning not to give up... I'm almost a month in and my chin and nose and starting to hae white things sticking out.. But my hair its just so disappointing.. How much of your hair fell out? I will post a pic soon. Thanks for the advise how much of accutane did you take daily..... I really need the supprt cause I am not feeling it....... Thank you so much
  3. I am shedding hair in the front of my hair to me it looks like bald spots. some parts of my face feel like sandpaper. This is day 21 of accutane i feel like I want to give up. If my hair gets any worse I will have to stop... I wanna cry
  4. Hi! I use aquaphor it works great on lips
  5. Hey! I am taking 30 mg twice a day and having some of the same side effects. white tiny bumps on chin as if they are trying to push through. But i think my hair is thinning/balding in one area that scares me
  6. I have been on accutane for 19 days now and still having same side effects flakey scalp, dry skin and dry lips. a few aches but not much. I did go to a carnival and tried to stay out of the sun but didnt do a good job of it my shoulders are sunburned. Now I am african american and I can get tanned but this time my shoulders were actually peeling. That has never happen to me before. It doesnt hurt and I also got darker then I normally would if I wasnt on accutane. So I will stay out the sun
  7. Hi! I am at week 14 and Iam on 30mg twice a day. I have a few cyst bumps which I hate but I do see a difference in my skin over all. I have very large pores and they are starting to shrink some.. I am scared though to start using a new cleanser the one I have is prescribed but it cost me $60 and thats just too much.I think my Derm doc will increase my dose at my next appt and I am ok with that.. Goodluck and keep me posted on your journey please
  8. Well it has been 13 days taking accutane and so far I have the same symtoms as before Dry scalp, flakey scalp, dry skin, dry lips, some flakey skin. I have a few new break outs ugh, cyst type ones with no head on it. Like 5 small ones but they are noticeable. This sucks, I really hope it goes away soon. they're on my chin and one kinda by my nose. My skin is real sensitve I ended up buying aquaphor for my lips which works great. Occasionally i put it on my face. My scalp is so dry and fl
  9. Accutane day 12Hey Miranda So I continue to have the same symtoms as before except my scalp is so flaky it real annoying. I have gotten a few break out I call them inside bumps with no heads. I have like 4 of them on my face My skin is sensitive and flakes around nose and mouth. I though I may of had some joint pain in my ankles but I'm not to sure. I do see a slight difference in my skin though. I have very large pores and I notice them kinda shrinking.I wear glasses and my nose has inde
  10. I have been on Accutane for 6 days now and so far I have itchy scalp with flakes, dry lips, flakey and dry skin. I have had acne since I was 13 and I am 30 now. I have tried every cream and antibiotic there is. I decided to keep a journal of my Accutane experience but overall I can see a differernce so far in my skin. I am taking 30 mg twice a day. I have acne on my back, chest and face. I am hoping my hair wont get thin or break off being a african american young lady our hair is already t