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  1. Anyone here have experience with azelaic acid? does it cause initial breakouts?
  2. I 'm a malaysian. The product is originated fr singapore. It is used 2 treat scar. Quite an expensive product.
  3. any singaporean here ever used activa condolisa scar heal??? what is the comment about the product??
  4. I think the lumpy tissue is a white head. It may happen if u squeez the pimple too early when the zit is not ripe yet. As a result, the bacteria still been trapped inside your skin.
  5. I 'm interested to try the vinegar stuff. But I'm scared that it will cause peeling like other home-peel stuff. Could anyone give advice to me? 8-[
  6. I 'm about 95% clear now.......but my face still have some brown spots which will take time to fade away....
  7. I'm 21 asian girl. I start my accutane on 20mg a day. I've been into the 4th month of my 1st course of accutane. I think 20mg is enough to work on mild to moderate acne. I do not encounter any serious side effects, and have not experienced any low appetide problem.
  8. about the black head, I never use any OTC nor prescription product. I use white egg to get rid off it. Firstly, apply some white egg on the black head area. Then, dip a facial cotton into the white egg. Place the facial cotton on the area. It works for me! especially in the nose area!
  9. trazorac is a prescriptive medicine or an OTC product?
  10. I can't find vita k solution in my country. Could anyone plz tell me whether I can use whitening products to reduce my acne marks?
  11. I have been came across this product-elicina cream, which is claim to reduce acne marks. Could anyone tell me his/her experience about it?
  12. I'm an Accutane user too. After taking it for 2 months, I never experience any headach.I think, it's may be the drug interaction problem. Perhaps you also taking other potent drugs besides of accutane.
  13. I have been taking accutan for 2 months now. There are still breakouts although my skin is not as oily as before. Yesterday, my dermatologist prescribed an antibiotic---erythromysin for me as he said that there is an infection on my skin. Could anyone tell me his/her experience on accutan and erythromysin?