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  1. Is it just as good if I apply ACV to my face and then wash it off later then just leaving it on all night? thanks!
  2. I use AHA on my face every night before bed and sleep in it, its this okay? my face is naturally oily so it doesnt really dry it out and I've been doing it for about 2 months now. I know its silly to ask even though I've been doing it for so long but I just wanted to make sure I'm not ruining my face. thanks!
  3. goofyrfy

    So much! Lightweight Smes good Clears skin Soothes NONE Please please please try this! I love everything about this product!
  4. CaliforniaEstie You should be a beauty guru on youtube.
  5. You look great even in the first picture! your skin is flawless! Also I'm going to have to hit up my local target now! Also also, I second what Casa said, how is it on like oily skin???
  6. I use bare escentuals, but that brand is pretty controversial on if it breaks you out or not (so test it out) For me it works perfect and I get a discount since I work at Sephora.
  7. I use the generic target makeup removers. gotta save that $$$ hahaha, its actually really good and doesn't break me out, and then I use a little jojoba oil (like everyone else ) but no way is the wrong way and no way is the right way. You just gotta see what works best for you!
  8. I think she has a new video/update on her skin, I'll try to find the video and post it.
  9. I just bought it yesterday and I love it already. I think powder fountain is awesome! Thanks for the recommendation!!!
  10. I have always wanted to try out a tinted moisturizer! I guess I'll wait to see what you say about Hourglass Illusion then. Also I treated myself and bought a BUNCH of stuff on the E.L.F (Eyes lips face) website, its so cheap so I bought some stuff to try out for fun. I'm excited for it to come in the mail! can't wait....
  11. Sorry I never posted back! I actually use the same honey that Estie uses, just the trader joes organic raw honey.
  12. I actually really like powder foundation... haha its worked really well for me, I'm sorry you didn't like it though. Everyone's face is different I guess. Thanks for the primer tip though, I use smashbox which is like the best primer I've ever used.... but its REALLY expensive, so I'm trying to find alternatives.
  13. ACV/Lemon toner and Honey/Nutmeg mask! So what Aloe vera products do you guys use?
  14. After cleansing in the mornings I use ACV as a toner, then BP, then apply lotion (hopefully no one notices the smell! hahah) then at night after cleansing I use ACV then BP and I'm done. All my ACV is applied with a cotton ball and at full strength no diluting.
  15. californiaEstie, do you wear BB creams under lotion? or as a lotion? also can you still wear powder over it? thanks