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  1. Haven't been here since September. Well in September after finishing those last couple of pills I had, I was debating whether to stop the course. Reasons being: My hair was falling, making me more bald The dermatologist was a quack, I'd be in there for 5 mins max and that was it. Accutane and a visit to dermatologist is pretty costly. My mum said she really didn't notice any difference in my skin. ​Well from here it may get pretty long. I really need a place to vent because no one really un
  2. I haven't updated in a while huh? Last week i kept forgetting to take accutane. I haven't noticed any changes besides having a few tiny buttons here and there but you can't really see them. My hair still looks like it's thinning out though. So Saturday when I had went out with friends that I haven't seen in 3 months, they told me that I got shorter!!! This is a bit depressing since I'm already short; just a tiny bit under 5 ft. I already don't like my height so getting shorter and losing
  3. 4D_16

    day 78

    I don't really see any difference in my skin now....so haven't really felt the need to post anything. The only thing is the skin on my upper back and neck feels irritated for some unknown reason and my face looks all flushed and sunburnt :S
  4. I tried that last week when my dad bought watermelon. It feels great if the watermelon was cold before. I has a refreshing feeling after you've rubbed it on your face on a hot day. My face felt a bit softer after I washed my face but I can't really tell the difference since I haven't tried it everyday.
  5. So I've been considering to quit taking accutane because I'm concerned about my thin hair thinning out even more. I've been searching online to see if there's anything I can do about it but there's really not much I can do. I can't really do much of a come over because the parts are getting thinner. I really don't want my hair to become like my mother's in the next couple of months. While trying to find solutions and reading stories from other people who suffer from hair loss I can't help but th
  6. 4D_16

    Day 66? :(

    So I've noticed that my hair has thinned out even more and my scalp seems to be more visible than it already is. The ends of my hair needs to be trimmed but I'm afraid of going to the hairdresser because no matter which hairdresser I go to they always tend to cut my hair really badly. I'm afraid they'll make it extra short and make my baldness show even more. It's really depressing. I can't really do anything about my hair growing back full because my dermatologist said most of my hair loss was
  7. 4D_16

    Day 56 - 57

    So I spent about half an hour staring down my face a while ago. *sighs* What do I see? My face seems to look more red at the cheeks, I've got this tiny white head just right under my eye and I don't know if it's just me but my pitted scars seems to look worse. Were they ever that bad? It's pretty depressing. Just wondering...has anyone gotten more depressed or pitted scars while on accutane? (However you choose to call them) The red marks that I thought had lightened up seems to have gotten b
  8. 4D_16

    Day 49

    How are you guys doing? I haven't updated in a while. Well my 'backne' has totally cleared up I've got some tiny bumps on my forehead and temples now. blehh Whoever said what you eat doesn't affect acne is totally wrong. Some of my red spots have faded a bit nothing drastic, others are taking extremely long. That Danchris Fade Lotion is taking forever to work. It doesn't work too well on old marks The spots that have faded and turn brown looks like freckles and liver spots now but atleast
  9. I viewed this video on youtube where this guy used baby shampoo instead as it doesn't contain a whole lot of chemicals. I've never tried it myself but maybe you can give it a shot
  10. Hello there and welcome. You're right about people with not so severe acne going accutane. I believe I was one of them. My dermatologist told me that I had severe cystic acne but I think he only said that because he saw my backne (which I thought wasn't really that horrible) and all those red marks that actually make my face look like if I'm suffering from a bad breakout. Well who am I to know he has been in his profession for a really long time. I always say that how you view your skin and
  11. 4D_16

    Day 4 Claravis

    I know what you mean about the clean and clear burning. I used to put the clean and clear morning burst moisturiser on my face after I washed it and it stung like wow. Yes the blackheads will clear up. I've only got a couple on my nose now My backne is clearing up as well...there's only a few tiny bumps here and there.Good luck on your journey
  12. I've been asking this a while now and like dolly googled I actually came acrosse those. I'm on day 39 and my face still has that shiny appearance. It's not as bad as how it was but still there. Blehh. My brother would be like "Go wash your face, it's oily" and I would tell him my skin in pretty dry and it's definitely not oil!!!
  13. 4D_16

    Day 39

    I couldn't sleep so i decided to do a new entry. Well bad news is that I forgot to go get a refill on accutane today since I took the last pill last night. So no accutane for 3 days because the stupid pharmaceutical company doesn't open on Saturdays. *sighs* I've been getting alot of these tiny, stubborn little zits. You can barely see them so I'm not complaining because hey that's better than those big read cysts that leave you with a lovely red mark. When I wash my face I feel a couple of
  14. 4D_16

    Day 37

    Hello to whoever is reading this What shall I report today? Most of the blackheads from my nose seem to have disappeared. Yay My backne has being doing pretty good except for those two huge zits that appeared. Blehh. But that was partly my fault for not eating healthy last week. Now when I wash my face with the Cetaphil gentle cleanser I can feel a whole lot of these grainy, tiny, bulb like things falling off but it still has that sticky and shiny feel to it after I've finished washed i
  15. Well so far I've been on accutane for about 33 days. I think the oiliness went away by the 3rd or 4th week but although the oiliness went away and my skin was dry, it was a bit shiny. You can check out my blog if you want to check my progress so far.