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  1. My acne story begins way back in high school. It was moderate, persistent acne that I was dealing with. I never cared too much about my acne, popping my pimples frequently. I thought it was the kind of thing that comes and goes. My freshman year of college, I had the same mentality. It wasn't until my sophomore year when I went through a very tough time with my now ex-girlfriend. The break up was very tough on me, but I saw it as an opportunity to change and better myself. I realized that I
  2. aquafor works pretty well, with the exception that it makes your lips kind of oily
  3. finished my first month yesterday. ill be taking 60 mg a day tomorrow. hopefully side effects aren't too bad, in terms of dryness and fatigue.
  4. I'm on day 4 so right with you. Yea my face feels a bit oily too. Idk if its the accutane kicking in quickly or if its because I'm not using the duac/differn combo. Probably the latter. My lips are dry, but not super super dry yet. I don't feel too tired or exhausted. Everytime i swallow a pill, i always get an uneasy feeling in my stomach, but I'm not worried. My lower back feels a bit tight at times, but then again that could just be me. I think the best thing to do is not read about all
  5. First off has anyone taken antibiotics up to the point they started accutane? This is my second course of antibiotics and differin + duac. I've been on this regimen for the past 3 months. I plan on starting Accutane in a month, and it's been advised by my derm that i continue this up to the point of starting accutane. I'm afraid that once i get off the antibiotics coupled with the potential of the IB of accutane, things could get really bad. I also thought that, perhaps the antibiotics co
  6. Is it best to spot treat (apply only to affected areas) or whole face when using duac? I have some post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Should i apply duac to those spots or just let them be? Ive been applying duac to my ENTIRE face, but its so drying.
  7. Is it okay to drink while on minocycline? I want to get smashed tonight. Will this minimize the effect of mino? And how taxing is this on the liver? Has anyone done this before?
  8. I actually just got the murad concealer medium. It's pretty good. It doesn't completely cover the spots entirely but it definitely makes them lighter. It's a little cakey but thats what happens when you put too much. Honestly, I can live with this until my v-beam sessions and then accutane in the summer. It's pretty good. I go back to school tomorrow so we'll see what the critics think then.
  9. and also i was possibly considering the aveeno tinted moisturizer? how is the coverage on these tinted moisturizers and how long will it last? will it blend hide my blemishes?
  10. I kind of have bad acne blemishes (mostly pigmentation). I'm not trying to put the concealer all over my face to cover up all the spots, just on some so that i don't look like a complete mess. I'm fine with showing some pigmentation and blemishes. So my questions are 1. Is it going to look dumb if i spot treat some spots with concealer even though I've got a fair amount of pigmentation all over? 2. Is finding a good color to match my skin tough (I have asian skin)? 3. Does concealer wear
  11. I used retina-A for a good 2 weeks. It absolutely wrecked my face and broke me out like crazy with huge cyst. My face is doing okay. Just a ton of huge pigmentation marks left from the huge pimples. My acne was bad but not dog crap like it is before. I guess kind of how yours wasn't too bad and then retin a just broke you out. its very frustrating.
  12. I'm going back to school monday. I've been using manuka honey and its been working just slowly. Is there absolutely anything that I can do that will get these blotches off my face anytime soon or is it just a waiting game with this stuff? I am so desperate for anything.
  13. KLNHL

    Manuka Honey

    i started using my manuka mask umf 10+ twice a day morning and night on sunday. my skin feels really soft afterwards and the redness did get a little lighter. I'm just really hoping the really big pigmented blemishes can be gone in another 4-5 days before i head back to school. I'm probably being way too optimistic but god damn i hate looking like a spotted leopard. screw acne. i leave the mask on from anywhere from 2-4 hours too
  14. How many days did it take for you to fade your hyper pigmentation using manuka honey? I have some really really bad blotches on my face and I'm asian so i pigment easily. I'm also using differing and dual and using manuka as a cleansing mask for 2-3 hours before applying the gels. I really need to get this crap off my face by next week. Gah. Thanks