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  1. Oh, yeah, Accutane is a MUCH safer alternative than UV light... And I can't just whine to my parents to get them to spend thousands of dollars on that shit.
  2. I know its terrible for my body, but I just need a break from this shit for awhile. I just need a couple months to feel confident with dating and whatnot. I might call my doctor and see if he can put me back on Erythromycin since it worked great the first time I tried it (three years ago) but it DID stop working at a certain point. And I can't afford any other treatment.
  3. So about three years ago, I went to my doctor because I was sick of dealing with my acne. He prescribed Erythromycin as the first-line of treatment and told me it would take two months to show any effect. I am not exaggerating when I say it cleared me up overnight. I stayed 100% clear for five months after that. I got to the point where I would be at parties or somewhere away from home at night and would get into a bad habit of skipping doses. Sure enough, my acne came back. I'm just wonde
  4. ...at a tanning salon. Most of my yard is shaded and I can't consistently tan, anyway, because Ohio weather is so bi-polar. I just want to see what effect UV has on my case of acne... but, as a male, I'm nervous about walking into one of these places. I know I shouldn't care what other people think but I probably would in that case. I don't even...
  5. Don't bother with the Accutane if your skin is clearing up. How old are you? Maybe you're just starting to grow out of the acne. Save yourself the thousands of dollars, hassle, and side effects of Accutane.
  6. I'm very curious about this, too, and I've been wondering the same thing. Maybe my acne is more controlled than I think and the problem is with these individual pores that getting inflamed over and over again...
  7. I've been using epsom salt and it immediately started working to reduce the oil on the surface of my skin. I've been leaving it on overnight so I'm really not all that impressed that it would have that effect. Any kind of powder is going to suck up moisture. I've been taking one cup of water and adding about three tablespoons of the epsom salt into it. Then I microwave it for about 1 1/2 minutes or until boiling point so the salt completely dissolves. Let it cool down. Take a tissue or cot
  8. Just keep in mind that there are a number of household things you can use to clear that shit up that many people here will swear works. And think that the spots you have today will probably be gone in a couple days- even if new ones come up. That thought has kinda helped me sometimes. And even if you can't clear your acne 100%, you can always go tanning. It'll disguise the redness and make you feel a lot more confident about your body. You might even forget you have it.
  9. Yeah, its definitely ruined my social life. I came to realize how seriously I let it affect me when I caught myself thinking "ZOMG, this treatment might actually work and I might actually be able to enjoy socializing with people again!". Its like I've been constantly waiting outside a door that leads to happiness- fearful that I'm not ready to walk through yet. I definitely feel like shit when my skin gets especially bad. Even when I'm hanging around my closest friends, I still just want to
  10. People use the Head & Shoulders shampoo all over their body to treat folliculitus (however the hell its spelled). And your acne looks VERY mild, though it might just be the lighting in those pictures.
  11. I just turned 20 a month ago. My brother had to take Accutane when he was around 18 and it went away for good. My mom still struggles with a little bit at the age of 50-something. I think my case is less severe than theirs but its still enough to fuck with me.
  12. I don't find it hard to believe that these acne treatments make the condition worse in the long run. But my acne was brought on by genetics. My mom and brother both had it. And I went the longest time without putting anything on my skin and it still hasn't gone away. I'd much rather everyone keep looking for cheaper, effective treatments and stick it to the manufacturers of these ridiculously-priced products.