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  1. Hey there, I wanted to give a quick update on my skin. I have been off Diane 35 since August and I am currently using Proactive and limiting my dairy intake and my skin is clear, clear, clear. I have also been drinking a pot of Rooibos tea a day over the past few weeks and it appears to be making a difference in my skin. It is high in minerals such as zinc and it appears to have taken on an additional glow. Anyways, I will periodically update my state of my skin. So far, so good.
  2. So I am currently off Diane 35 for a bit and I am using Proactive only and trying to avoid dairy products and my skin is the best it has been in a very long time. I was told the other day by someone "I am 60 years old and a nurse and have seen a lot of skin and you have the most beautiful skin". It meant so much to me because of all my struggles. I know Proactiv does not work for everyone but I use it sparingly, every night and the mask once in awhile and my skin is clear as can be.
  3. I don't have the dark spot corrector because luckily I don't have any dark spots. I have in the past and Obagi was very good but quite expensive.
  4. Well my skin is clear after a few months on Proactive. I use the cleanser sparingly as well as the other products because it can be quite drying and I only use it at night.
  5. So my skin has been relatively clear with a few bumps here and there and I decided to try Proactive again. I have been on the regimen for around a month and my skin is clear as can be. Maybe the small bumps on my cheeks were likely caused by a product I was using. Anyways, Proactive is perfect for the summer - it might be too drying in the winter but we will see. I am still on the clear skin diet and Diane 35.
  6. I am happy to report that my skin has been very well behaved since my last entry in December. By following the Clear Skin Diet my skin has stayed clear and I have not experienced any deep pimples. I had a few very small bumps on my cheeks but I know I need to use a strong cleanser with 2% salicylic acid to keep me clear. Diet appears to be the cause of my acne - it is very hard not eating dairy but it is worth it in the end.
  7. I am off Spironolactone - yay! My skin looks great - I am still on the clear skin diet consisting of no dairy or processed foods and Diane 35 for about 18 months now. I am so happy it is working.
  8. Hi Jenny, I was down to Spiro 2 twice a week and now I am off Spiro. It really worked for me and I hope it works for you.
  9. So I have been traveling around South East Asia and my skin on my trip has never been better. The humidity works for me and I forgot to take Spiro consistently while I was away. I was in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand and it was hot, hot, hot - I sweated all day and honestly I did not break out once. I have reduced my spiro to 25mg, 3 times a week and I am thinking I will go down to 2 times a week. I like the fact I never have to do my eyebrows because the hair growth is non-existent. I am
  10. You cannot be on anti-biotics forever and they will eventually stop working. I have been on Amoxil 3 or 4 times in my life and it cleared me up for a month or two and then I continued my breakout cycle. I know I cannot be on Spiro forever but I am going to try to see the lowest dose my body can handle without breakouts. If your acne is hormonal you would probably be better off with Spiro in the long run. If acne isnt hormonal I would bite the bullet and go on Tane.
  11. So my skin is looking very good - ever since I started the clear skin diet I have not had one deep pimple. Not one. I had some tiny, tiny bumps along my jaw line but it could be KP as my derma said but I am just being overly picky - my skin is glowing and people notice. My co-worker said I look air brushed. Eating clean makes a huge difference - there is relationship between acne and diet - especially for the acne prone! I am on 25mg daily of Spiro and I am going to do another month and t
  12. I was on Diane 35 for five years from 2004 to 2009 - I stopped taking Diane 35 for about 18 months. I did not break out when I stopped taking the pill. I started breaking out again on March 2011 so went back on Diane in June 2011 and have continued to do so for the past 15 months. This pill very much agrees with me.
  13. My skin is very much responding to the Clear Skin Diet - noticably clearer and no deep pimples that need extraction. I am on Diane 35 and 25mg of Spiro. My skin is in much better condition than it has been for a long time.
  14. Thank you amoxilworx - I am trying to avoid all processed foods. I spent a mini fortune this weekend buying colourful veggies, fruit and wild salmon. I can see the difference in my skin. Good luck!
  15. Sorry I have not posted any updates. I cannot believe I am on Day 58 of Aldactone - I started with 50 mg for the first 30 days and I found that I was too dehydrated. I read several reviews on acne.org and makeupalley.com and most ladies taking the medication decrease their dosage when the side effects are too harsh. So starting in month two I knocked my dosage down to 25mg. I had two large spots around my period on my left cheek and then one or two smaller spots on my right cheek. They have