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  1. I have been taking birth control pills for 3 weeks now, and the time has come for my week without taking the pills. My skin has stopped breaking out as much in the past 3 weeks, I'm hoping that means that the pill is helping. But I want to know whether during this week off I'm likely to get a breakout?
  2. I am about to start taking Microgynon 30, for contraception, but I'm hoping it'll help my mild/moderate acne. Does anyone have experience taking this for acne?
  3. I suggest taking a gander at this: http://www.acne.org/non-inflamed-acne-regimen.html Thanks very much!
  4. Feeling a bit fed up now really It's hard to work everyday in an environment where all your colleagues have perfect skin and you feel like the monster in the corner. Meh.
  5. I'm using Paula's Choice Clear Toner that has 2% BHA in it, which has stopped new spots from forming in the past few weeks (yay) but again doesn't seem to be doing much to those stubborn bumps! It seems like now my biggish spots have kinda declined, but I'm left with lots of tiny ones - I don't know what's more annoying!
  6. I've been getting some flesh-coloured tiny bumps along the side of my face, which are VERY annoying. In good lighting you can't really see them, but in daylight or if light is shining on that side, then they are very obvious. I wanted to get something to exfoliate my face and get rid of those bumps. I've been using the Sanctuary Warming Microbrasion Polish which is amazing to get smooth soft skin, but it doesn't really do anything for bumps. Does anyone have any good products that they can rec
  7. I'm using the ACV from Holland and Barrett, is that effective?
  8. I have started using the Clear 2% BHA toner from Paula's Choice, and it seems to be clearing up my skin (fingers crossed). I haven't had a new pimple in over a week Now I would like to fade some of my acne scars, so I have ACV and I've made a toner out of it. But I don't know whether I can use both ACV and the PC toner 2x a day? Or would it be best to use one morning, and one night?
  9. I know its been 5 years (lol) but did you find anywhere in the UK that does this? :)
  10. Hey everyone, I've just started using Paula's Choice Clear Blemish Relief Toner that contains 2% BHA - I only chose this instead of the lotion because it doesn't leave behind sticky residue and is probably better for dry skin. Initially, I noticed my skin was a lot smoother and brighter, but the next day I started breaking out more than normal in my acne prone areas (ie. cheeks). My skin had been improving before this, so I was getting about 2 largeish spots on each cheek, but now I'm getting
  11. I just started using the Clear toner from Paula's Choice that contains 2% BHA. Initially, I noticed my skin was a lot smoother and brighter, but the next day I started breaking out more than normal in my acne prone areas (ie. cheeks). This has been for about 2-3 days now. How long should an "initial purge" last for? The spots I'm getting are normal red spots, that become whiteheads pretty quickly.
  12. I think I feel unattractive because everyone at placement with me has clear skin. So because I'm the odd one out, I feel like its REALLY obvious but honestly its probably only obvious to me. Meh
  13. I'm exactly the same as you! For years I didn't suffer from acne (odd pimple now and then), then at 21 I started breaking out. Now I have spots all the time pretty much, and it doesn't change around period time - people keep telling me to start birth control but I don't think it'll help!
  14. I considered the dairy thing, but I don't have any dairy in my diet really :S And I don't have a sweet tooth, so I never eat chocolate or sweets or anything. It could be gluten...but I don't see why that would trigger things now!
  15. Its annoying when you take care of your body and have a good lifestyle and stuff like this still happens :( I don't think I'll ever take Accutane - not sure its even available in the UK cos of the problems associated with Isotretinoin. Maybe you could try more topical stuff like BP or BHA? For some reason I'm clearing up a bit at the moment - but sometimes this happens and then it all comes back in one go lol. But I have a feeling its to do with the new routine I'm using, plus I've stopped try