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  1. Are you saying that you changed your dosage on your own, without your dr.'s consent? basically.. but also keep in mind that i was on 50 daily with my other doctor so i can easily handle 40
  2. this is my second course and i remember last time using 20 and 30 a day total of 50 daily.. but i am using a diff derm and he prescribed me 20 daily to start with.. not realizing i started with 40 a day basically taking double what i should be.. my question is, my derm is very accutane freindly so im sure he would have no problem upping my doseage anyways, can the pharmacy do this with the ipledge though? im not sure how the system works basically i dont want to run short of accutane since im ta
  3. its minicycl btw... i need to know anybody?
  4. i am on solodyn 90mg and i was wondering if anyone knows if it would be ok to use viagra while on it? i would ask my derm but its a kind of embrassing question to ask
  5. thank you. i did find a dermatologist who was willing to put me on 5-month full strength accutane (80mg) right away. being male helps by waiving the 30 day waiting period, so i started the day I saw the doctor. Hope all goes well for both of us! My face is currently breaking out as expected with the first week of treatment, but if I remember my first round of accutane, it got better soon after the first week. which derm are u using
  6. no one else used all of this info?
  7. yea fellow clubber in teh house=] cept im guido as hell so i must loook good 24/7 and i have acne =/ check out a thread i made for male acne, there is actual prodcts made for us
  8. yea my current derm said no, but i think she just said no to piercing in general not if im able to or not lol.. i asked if i could and shes like ehh nahh... in a like disgusted way
  9. my acne is slowly coming back, plenty of blackheads on my nose and pimples on my face but not as bad as before.. my face is oily again and i just stopped moisturizing it.. i was at the derm today they perscribed me a spot treatment BP creme.. i was on 50mg daily for 9 months straight, and they took me off 3 months ago.. i cannot afford to have acne at this point in my life, and being acne free for the last 6 months has made me lead a very different lifestyle outgoing, etc etc.. i dont want to g
  10. go to sephora.com go to mens and complexion enhancers.. try the oil free tinted moisturizer, or yourebel.. search my posts i made a post about it
  11. i wouldnt doubt it, but the powder cant cause it removes oil
  12. Since i am lazy i am not proof reading so sorry for any typos spellin errors, as i dont care about that i just want guys to know what to wear. ill start off by sayin i am a senior in high school so if i am able to use this without being noticed then it is really good. the secret to no one expecting it is staying tan or colored skin so people expect ur skin to always look even and tan. I am metro so i get my eyebrows done (threading is the most natural loooking way) well, first off let me say I
  13. there is no orginization, there should be sections that are devoted to each drug (accutane, retin-a etc) and then in each of those should be questions or suggestions or sub catergories.. IM TIRED of reading all the stupid accutane post is this normal etc..i want to see some orginzation and i think alot of others would like so also, ADMINS?????/
  14. i am accutane so i dont think it needs any BP or SA, but what can shrink the bump being theres no more pus in it? ice? i am seeing my girl unexpectingly in 3 hours so i need to shrink it