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  1. I went to go get a hair cut today. Well we all know what that's like. Terrible but it had to be done. Now that I finished my semester of school I'm gonna start focusing more on my diet and exercise. And work i guess. I still get pimples here and there but not anything severe so let's hope this diet thing helps. Everyone hang in there
  2. At work and I only have 2 small pimples on my neck but they aren't noticeable so I'm not complaining.. Since I'm around hundreds of ppl all day it really sucks when I do have something noticeable. So I guess today's alright.
  3. Its true. Being close to being clear doesn't mean that I'm gonna be happy all of a sudden. Or that my confidence is going to magically return.. Maybe this is just the beginning of my problems :/
  4. what have you been using for your marks? Well all I use is the green tea /salt toner and I do sulfur masks like 3x a week. So it has to be one of those things.
  5. Well it's been a while since I've been on here. Most of my dark marks are gone and new ones are quickly fading. I'm ALMOST clear.. I have almost no more clogged pores and about 3 small zits. This is the clearest I've ever been but I went through hell and back to get to where I am now. I think after 8 years of struggling with acne have almost found my "cure". Or maybe it's just my hormones not being all crazy now. Idk. Either way I've been so busy with work.. And school. The holidays are here so
  6. I kinda got used to it since I graduated high school 2 years ago . One of my only friends that I talk to on a daily basis went to Mexico yesterday for 2 weeks so that means I won't be txting anyone for 2 weeks.. Oh well. You'll get used to it
  7. I like how we are all doing better And u guys got me thinking about getting myself a juicer also.. I might just get one as an early present to myself lol I'll have to start looking for a good one
  8. It seems we are all experiencing positive things so I'll add to that. Well my skin has been getting better now that I don't use cleansers. I still use moisturizer but not a lot. I use green tea/epsom salt toner which has faded my marks by 60% already, and it's been 3 weeks since I started this routine. I get less less acne and my face just looks better and not red anymore. Oh yeah, I also use sulfur as a 10 minute mask about every 4 days and it helps a lot. So with the way things are going.. Thi
  9. Wow that's awesome Murph. You should try talking to those girls. And I find it hilarious that a lot of us are always examining other's skin lol. Ahh the life of an acne sufferer
  10. Nothing major has happened. I don't really feel anything. I realized that juggling school, work, family,whatever's left of my social life and acne isn't so easy. I need some change in my life.. I think I need to forget about my ex and find someone else. It's just not that easy tho. Anyways I'm off to work soon. Every one keep on fighting.
  11. Every time I smoked I always saw that my face would look worse than it actually is.. For some reason. Just don't look in the mirror when you're gone cuz it will ruin everything.
  12. Happens to me too... I freak myself out sometimes cuz I'll look in the mirror and my face will look all red and weird, then I'll look like 30 seconds later and my face looks normal.. I hate that This is my issue too. It drives me fucking crazy. One minute I'll look into the mirror, and my face will be clear and nice. The next minute I look into the mirror, I'll notice it's all flushed and red looking. Sometimes I wonder if i have rosacea on top of acne. I notice sometimes when I smile or l
  13. Happens to me too... I freak myself out sometimes cuz I'll look in the mirror and my face will look all red and weird, then I'll look like 30 seconds later and my face looks normal.. I hate that
  14. I've been breaking out a lot lately.. So I'm going to start changing some things in my life. I hate to admit that I do this but I'm going to have to stop smoking pot. and I'm gonna try amd use natural products starting with the green tea /sea salt toner instead of my neutrogena bha and face wash . Im gonna make other changes as well because honestly my skin looks terrible right now. FML.
  15. I think I have the demodex mite folliculorum. I did some research and my symptoms show i might have folliculorum.. So it says tea tree oil should work, for the face and scalp. My scalp itches like crazy sometimes when I sweat. I might go buy some tomorrow but I'm gonna have to see what brand or whatever to get before I go to the store.. Well my face feels pretty itchy right now which sucks. Anyways, I'll see what I end up doing tomorrow.
  16. I hate when my face gets itchy and then a zit will pop up after , right where it itched. I just want this to stop.. Well we all do.
  17. That's pretty messed up. Forget them I know but..... they really the only friends I have if I leave them I'll have no one.. Damn.. I know what u mean though
  18. I'm thinking of calling in sick today from work... I have like 3 zits on my inner cheeks and they look all red.. Then I have another one on my chin ugh. And like 2 on my neck. Shit sucks. They're almost to a head and I don't want to be at work with like 4 whiteheads. At least I came to school right? What ever... I swear acne is such a bitch.
  19. Is anyone else's skin sensitive to the sun? My face will quickly get irritated and red when the sun is very strong. I use sunscreen but maybe it's too weak
  20. I hate having oily skin. My skin gets oily at work and I work inside an air conditioned store.. Smh