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  1. Now you're saying that it's only people who have acne that have the problem that you described in your original post in this thread (over-washing causes oily skin)?? Now you're changing your original premise! I still don't buy it, because that theory has been tested (and contradicted) by a great deal of experimentation (by both Kligman, and Labgirl81), and on subjects who were probably only a little older than what you're talking about. Haha sorry this is acne.org, I thought it was obvious I
  2. It's true, I'm sure my skin doesn't produce as much sebum as yours does. But I imagine that the subjects in Kligman's study weren't THAT much older than you are. Neither were the subjects in Labgirl81's study (they all worked at a cosmeceutical company, and got the same results that Kligman did). But not everybody who is around those ages has acne or oily skin. I'd like to see an experiment done on people who suffer from acne, because I think we can both agree that people who suffer from acne
  3. Since it has vitamin a and accutane is pretty much a large does of vitamin a, will it have the same effect as accutane on the skins oil production? Has anyone with oily skin noticed a difference?
  4. Sure! I've done TWO different experiments with Sebutape Skin Indicators, and posted the results here on acne.org (I can get you the direct links to those threads, if you want to read them). One of them tested the "feedback theory", and showed that Kligman was correct in his early 1958 study (no, washing the skin has no effect on sebum production). For a few years after I first did those experiments, you could even see the actual scans I did of the Sebutape Skin Indicators, showing that washin
  5. It's easy to tell somebody on the internet "hurr durr you just gotta be confident" but that's not how confidence works. I have plently personality, I'm a hilarious guy and am confident in the clothes i wear, but it all means nothing when people are gonna shoot you down because of your skin condition
  6. The part of your post that I put in bold is interesting. There are a lot of people that aren't exactly "shallow" but simply have a standard that they don't want someone with skin problems. It kinda hurts that you may have a personality that they will like but are missing out on a relationship with the person because of your skin. I always have this feeling, like I'm missing out because of a condition i bearly have control over
  7. If you had washed your face less this month, your skin would have gotten MORE oily. That's the way it works. You can prove it by calling Cu-Derm Company (they're located in Dallas, Texas), and ordering a roll of Sebutape Skin Indicators (about $40 for a roll of 100, if I remember correctly). The Skin Indicators are excellent for showing sebum from the surface of the skin as dark spots; they are so accurate and precise at doing that, doctors and scientists use them (and similar related produc
  8. Obviously there are people who will have girlfriends despite severe acne, but the fact is the majority of people with severe acne have a much lower chance of having a significant other than people with clear skin. We are looked down upon and ignored.
  9. Most people are superficial and won't even give you a second glance if you have cystic acne. Just the fact that my face looks like this automatically makes girls not want to talk to me. First impressions are everything, and you can never make any good ones with a face like mine Keyword: moderate acne. People bearly even notice it. Also, this is the 21st centery, a lot girls expect guys to be just as well groomed as women (take a look at how many girls think justin bieber is cute for example).
  10. Never experienced this, please stop the medication as soon as possible and give you derm a call
  11. I've been thinking about this a lot lately because my cystic acne is starting to come back full blast and it's only 1 month after i finished my accutane course. So depressing going from almost clear skin to the horrible nightmare that I call my face. I'll never be as good as other guys who have no skin problems and have clear skin all the time
  12. I've been thinking that too, but i was on accutane for 5 months and it was working for me ever since week 2, why would the effects of it wear off after less than a month? My theory is that accutane was keeping my skin from getting oily (as in, if i wasn't on accutane those 5 months and still washed my face 3 times a day it would have been extremely oily), and if i had washed my face less this month my skin wouldn't have gotten oily
  13. Yeah, that certainly makes a lot of sense! That's like saying that overwashing your car (or your house, or your apartment) makes THEM dirty! /messageboard//public/style_emoticons/default/razz.gif Did you seriously just compare a CAR to HUMAN SKIN? Get off these forums, you're a joke
  14. Those are post acne hyperpigmentation marks, some people get them even if they don't pick at their skin. I suggest trying lemon juice to lighten them, you got nothing to lose