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  1. thanks guysss!!! i feel so happyyyyy and confident now(:
  2. lol man there r so many funny things for wrinkles like shitaki complex now snake oil=p
  3. I think you should be a super model instead. Looks like im not the only person who thinks you look like Angelina

  4. yes its UNBELIEVABLE!!!! i fair-medium golden undertone skin and kelso it hasnt made my skin AT ALLLLL sensitive cuz its ALL NATURAL products
  5. im happy to say my marks are very faded now ! i love meladerm
  6. omg navy thats so awesome im looking into ARMY and wow im happy for u my marks have faded A LOT already!!!
  7. i have had themmmmm 8 montthhss?.. i think a long time tho so guys this is off subject ive been looking into the US military wow its going to be super tough! but i am super excited anyways i read u have to have accutane out of ur system for a couple of months b4 u can join