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    i'm the same, try vitammin a OD and i've been on B5 for a month and it hasn't done much for my soft closed comedones
  2. i have those bumps too on my forehead...benzoyle peroxide just makes them worse. i've been on accutane and it totally cleared it but now they're coming back. i just wash my face with spectro gel and itake 100,000 IU's of vitamin a and then 10 g of B5 i don't know if it's doing much but ya those stupid bumps are so stubborn
  3. pellydog

    nothing expensive ! i have comedonal acne and this product did absolutely nothign for me
  4. pellydog

    CLEAR SKIN! confidence booster! chapped lips i had comedonal acne since i was 12, the derm gave me every kind of cream and pill and nothing worked. so finally at 16 he finally put me on and it worked wonders on my skin cleared EVERYTHING ! but it now after 6 months is coming back :(
  5. i have the same problem! but on my forehead and socially i feel the same way but i am a girl and it sucks sooo much it's soo ugly to look at and it looks like a rocky road i've litterally have tried everything but nothing seems to work...i even went on accutane and it cleared it up but now after 6 months it's all coming back it's awful to see