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  1. wbpage23

    Day 60

    hey guys! SO sorry it's been a while! Been a little busy, but I'm back now.(: Right now, I'm exactly where I was 2 weeks ago. Clear. It's so funny because I've been worrying about an initial breakout and "healing over time," but turns out, I'm one of those people that start clearing up from day one. I did have an initial breakout, for sure, but not as bad as I thought it was going to be, and it only lasted 1 week (during the second week of treatment). I haven't had anything huge since. Yeah,
  2. Day 42! Right now, 98% clear. My face is so smooth, there is NOTHING. (: I've gotten so many compliments on my skin lately, I'm absolutely overjoyed. I do, however, still need makeup because of how red my skin is. (Mainly my cheeks and chin area.) All of my scars on my left side of my face have lightened significantly, and the scars on the right side of my face have all gone from almost a purple shade, to a bright red. the only place I'm just starting to clear up on is right under my chin.
  3. wbpage23

    One month.

    Hey, you guys! <3 Long time, no update, huh? :[ But I have things to share with you- happy things. Today, I visited my dermatologist for my monthly consultation, to see how everything's going, to get a new prescription, etc... I'm SO happy and GRATEFUL to say I'm not anywhere I was about a week and a half ago. My skin has cleared up almost entirely! To the point where I didn't take accutane for the last 4 days (I ran out of pills) and didn't get a single zit. My skin just healed in those
  4. wbpage23

    Day 20?!

    Tomorrow marks 3 weeks?! And then one week from tomorrow marks 1 month... 1 down, 4 to go. Easy. But what's not easy is having to deal with these breakouts! The first two weeks I started accutane, my face had started to clear up and I was excited, thinking I might just be one of those people that start clearing up from day 1, but no. What they say is true: It gets worse before it gets better. BUT HEY, at least I know it's working! [; forehead: clear, except for a few new cysts around
  5. wbpage23

    Day 13

    Day 13 You guys, I want to quit. LOL, but do you think after all the tests I had to go through and crap my parents had to go through just to get me this medication, they'd just let me quit because I'm not happy with the condition of my skin at the moment? No. -__- Alright, so. Gonna be a big girl now.(: Oh and! Tomorrow marks two weeks in. WOW. As of today, my skin has become dry, flakey, and extremely itchy. (I really wanted to roll around face down in a pile of grass yesterday.)
  6. Day 11 Now, I'm not sure if this is just a normal breakout or if this is my initial breakout. Can you even get your IB this early on? .___. My face has gone from being clear to Hell in two days. It's dry, it's flaking, it's red, and I'm breaking out especially on my forehead, chin, and the area in between my nose and my lips. (That's the worst! OUCHHHH.) My face isn't oily anymore. I mean, there's a slight shine, but there's no reason why I should have to go into my bag to dig for blott
  7. I think I'm going to go check out different makeup counters and ask around to see what might work for me. But in the meantime, I'm definitely going to try that gentle exfoliation tip with a baby's brush! Thank you guys so much!
  8. Ever since starting accutane, my face has become EXTREMELY red, dry, and irritated. I was wondering what foundation would work best for covering up the redness without accentuating the dry flakes and will help moisturize my skin at the same time. I know that's asking for a lot, but it's really embarrassing having to get out of the house looking like a tomato. :L Price is no option for me. All suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!!!
  9. wbpage23

    One week!

    Day 8 So it's 1 in the morning, and I couldn't sleep so I figured I'd do a quick update.(: First thing, I feel like whenever I go out or even get near sunlight, even for just a few minutes, my face turns bright cherry red. I guess I just don't have a high enough SPF on... As for the cysts on my chin and around my nose: they're all still there, slowly shrinking, and I've also gotten a few new cysts scattered on my forehead. There are also a few on my hairline. The blackheads on my nose ha
  10. July 17 - Day 5 For someone who's been dealing with acne since the 3rd grade (I didn't even think it was possible), getting made fun of all the time, even by her own friends-I think I'm ready to be done. I'm 14, and I know it's young to be starting a harsh medication like accutane, but this really was my last resort. So, anyway, this morning, I took my 7th? pill. Up until yesterday, my face was slowly starting to clear up and a few of my scars have actually slightly faded (Haha, my