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  1. @susan yeah i am 6ft tall and asian hahah. i just saw your log and i'll def. be following it! @captain ohh i see. i really hope i don't get the IB... DAY 3, 4, 5, 6 It's been a while since I last updated this, but I have been busy with various things. Anyways, I am currently on my sixth day. So far everything is going well. As stated in my earlier post I was experiencing itchiness on my face near my jawline and cheeks, however it has not occurred recently. On some mornings I would wake
  2. Mara89

    Hello, have we met?

    1. Day 2 Alright so this is day 2 on accutane. I have already noticed cysts on my face growing whiteheads on top of it. Is it possible for an initial breakout to occur on day 2?! Also my skin is feeling kind of itchy. Is this a normal side effect? There is some drying occurring on existing acne near my chin and cheeks. I am using aquaphor everyday, and cleansing with purpose cleanser morning and night. For a facial moisturizer I ordered galaxal base.
    2. Hey! Yeah let's definitely stay updated on each other's journeys. Let's do this together hahah.
    3. DAY 1 Today I took my first pill. I ate two pieces of raisin bread with light peanut butter and two glasses of water. I also took pictures of my face with my iphone. I might post them up if I get the courage to do so. This is just day 1 so there isn’t much to report. My mom was wondering if 80mg was too much. She thinks that it might be better for me to take one 40mg a day. For now I am going to do what the dermatologist says. If anyone can recommend me any good products for facial m
    4. good luck! i am starting today so i'll be following your log so we compare results!
    5. good luck bro! i'm starting my treatment tomorrow. hope it works for both of us haha.
    6. BEFORE DAY 1: Hey guys. I went to the dermatologist yesterday and received my prescription for Accutane and I will be picking it up tonight. I will begin my course tomorrow morning! Although I havent posted in this site before, I have been reading it for about two years. I have looked at numerous reviews for products, people's stories, and most recently people's experience with accutane. In order to document my journey for myself as well as for my dermatologist, I will write out my skin's