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  1. buttercup624

    my acne/scars

    Can anyone tell me what all this redness is? I try to be gentle with my skin, and any other tips to even out my complexion would be helpful, thanks :)
  2. Paula Begoun who is like the skin guru...says you dont need moisturizer unless you have dry skin, its pore clogging....I use a moisturizer if my skin is dry because of BP but not everyone needs a moisturizer, its a way for cosmetic companies to make more money, if you have to use one I suggest Cerave moisturizing lotion, its the only thing that doesnt break me out
  3. The best thing that I have found that works is: Morning: Purpose Gentle Cleanser Cerave Moisturizing lotion (if your face is dry) Evening: Purpose Gentle Cleanser Dan's BP *the gentler you are with your skin and the less products you use, the better your skin will recover, hope this helps
  4. the derm told me that what i was using was good (Dans BP and AHA) and then she gave me tazorac and aczone along with minocycline, I really don't think its necessary to put 4 different things on my face
  5. You would think I would be excited to go to the derm and finally get something to clear my skin. I used to have acne, maybe 20 pimples all over my face, 4 years ago and I started using Dan's BP and it cleared up in less than 6 months. I also started birth control around that time. A year ago I got off birth control and maybe got one pimple a week...still using the BP at night. Well about 6 months ago I went stupid and stopped using everything and got off birth control ...tried to go all natu