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  1. So...update. Went down to one 40mg pill/day last week and stopped taking my pills as of Saturday night. Since I went down from 80mg to 40mg to finish off my last few pills I started seeing the side effects decrease a bit. My skin is starting to look alive again (no more dull, lifeless, zombie skin) and I'm happy about that. Still having dry lips, dandruff, other dry skin issues. BUT, slooooooowly improving. My joint pain also seems to be subsiding a bit which is a big relief because it
  2. So today was my FINAL derm appointment. That's the fantastic news. Labs were fine and my derm doesn't need to see me anymore. The bad news - he wants me to finish off the medicine I have left. Which is about two weeks. Which kind of sucks. But at this point, at least it's only two weeks, right? I've made it this far so I should be able to suck it up a few more days. I'm just bummed cause I was set on taking my last pill this morning. So I ended up with the extra two weeks becaus
  3. Congrats to you too!! Exciting to be almost done - and relieved!! I hear you on the marks & scars. I'm hopeful they'll start fading once I'm off this stuff. Oh - and I REALLY want my skin to get back to the thickness it was BEFORE accutane. I feel like it's thin and sad at the moment. On your previous courses did your skin regain thickness/life afterwards (assuming you had the thinness issue - but maybe you didn't)??
  4. 4.5 days to go. No change to previous post, except it's been dry here so I've had a bloody nose almost every day this week. Boo. Only a handful of days left. Hopefully.
  5. Hey Jamie Ann! I don't know if it's an actual requirement, but I have my *hopefully* final appointment with my derm next Wednesday after completing 5 months, and he said I still have to get my blood drawn before the appointment. I don't know if he wanted me to in case he wants to keep me on one more month, but I don't think so since that's unlikely. Did you do anything differently before you went to get the draw done? I find I get more woozy than normal if I'm at all dehydrated so if I d
  6. Day 141 - 80mg (15 days to go!): My next derm appointment is two weeks from tomorrow and I cannot f-ing wait. My skin has for the most part stayed clear this month (month 5), but I've had a few spots I'm just referring to as "micro pimples". One is by my eyebrow and I'm fairly certain might just be a slightly irritated hair folicule (ingrown eyebrow??). The other was on my cheek and I really can't figure out if it was a mini micro zit or just a scratch to my uber sensitive skin. The stupid
  7. Day 134 - 80mg (22 days to go!): Less than a month left and super excited!!! My face is actually clear. Shockingly clear. Sure, I have marks and scards and uneven skin tone and yada yada yada, but I have zero actives right now. I had a super mini pimple pop up on my jawline yesterday but it was down and completely gone by this morning. I have one red spot on my chin that keeps peeling, but its not a pimple. Really wish I would have done this sooner. If my face stays clear this will be am
  8. Looking great!!! Glad to see you're making good progress! About the dryness - are you using a pretty hefty, super crazy moisturizing, moisturizer?
  9. I nearly started at 80mg too. Spent two weeks at 40, then up to 80. Pretty quick in the world of accutane (I'm 165), so fairly consistent with others here. Normal side effects here too - nothing any more than anyone at 40 or 60 seems to report.
  10. Day 126 - 80mg (30 days to go - no, really this time!): Added a few days on to my course. My appointment was supposed to be last Friday, but I had to reschedule it to today due to an urgent last minute meeting, so now I've added a few days to my course. Good news! Saw my doctor this morning and my labs are all okay! My triglycerides actually CAME DOWN this month and are back within the normal range. Don't know what I did (better food? less wine?) but it worked. I have two red nasty spot
  11. Day 119 - 80mg (31 to go???): so, yeah, by my calculations I should have 31 days to go, but my 4 month doc appt is this Friday, so I should really have 30 days past that day - so I guess I'm going to be a bit over 150 days - I actually have 34 days to go. Skin is about the same as last week - no new updates really. No new pimples. Just healing the last two and my poor nose which is still peeling. Switched my makeup last Friday in the hopes that my sensitve skin will breathe more. Went
  12. Hey breesy - don't get too worried about the bumps under your skin. I've had them on and off (seriously - like a freakin rollercoaster!) during months 2, 3 AND 4 of my course. Each time I could have sworn they were going to erupt into massive breakouts. 95% of them went away without ever surfacing. It's weird, but that's what's happened. I hope you have the same fate as I did - try not to worry too much. It's annoying and frustrating when they're just sitting there and not going away or doi
  13. I thought they based it on weight too. My derm checked out my weight and then was actually doing some math and looking at a chart of sorts when he was working out my dosage. I thought it was high at the time (80mg), but it's worked out ok so far.
  14. Welcome Jaimie! There are actually quite a few others around here in the 30+ club (I'm fast approaching 33 and completion of my first and hopefully only course). I had a similar situation as you - skin was fine as a teenager with the occassionally painful cyst but in my twenties things went haywire. Then it took 10 years to finally get to the point of Accutane. Alot of people on here have reported dry, rashy hands and a lot of the time it goes away after the first month or two (not alwa
  15. Thanks for reminding me to be patient Shannon! It's tough seeing things improve and then go to crap constantly. At this point I just really want this all to be done with so my skin can heal itself. I know its much better than it ever was before and I know it will be better when I get off of the medication. As for the foundation - I'm not even using any at the moment, just carefully placed concealer & pressed powder (both Clinique). I had switched to mineral makeup for awhile and then g
  16. Day 105 - 80mg (45 days to go): NO NO NO NO NO NO!!! Just when things look up - BAM! Got a new spot on my face along with a bunch of under the skin bumps over the weekend. Oh ya - and a painful cyst on my back!!! NOT OKAY!!! I'm supposed to be off of this stuff in a month and a half and I just got the first cyst I've had in months! WTF???? Sorry - just needed to vent. Done now.
  17. Day 101(!!!!) - 80mg (49 days to go!!): woohoo!!! 49 days to go!!! So, my face has pretty much stopped breaking out. I think I have one spot that is still hangin out under my skin - but thats it! Every other day or two I feel like I have something coming up to the surface, but then it just magically goes away. It's really odd - but I am NOT complaining. I have not been wearing foundation for a couple of weeks and that is nice. I do still have to take time in the morning to cover all m
  18. That's fantastic news!!! Congratulations on almost being finished and getting such great results! YAY!
  19. Sorry to hear you're going through a tough patch. Hang in there - it DOES get better. Month two was the must frustrating for me - constant roller coaster. It sounds like you're going through something similar. I bet by Christmas you'll be doing better than you think right now. A month and a half in 'tane years is like 10 times longer than regular months.
  20. My right side has always been worse than my left as well (and I sleep on my left). I always thought it had something to do with either (1) holding my phone up to the right side of my face or (2) being right handed and therefore always having more dirt and germs on it since touching more things with it and then, like an idiot, touching my face. Don't know if either is true, but maybe something along those lines? Congrats on your progress! Seems like you're doing really well with minimal si
  21. Day 93 - 80mg (57 days to go!): Had my derm appointment this morning and everything went really well. He wasn't worried about my triglyceride level and said they won't get concerned as long as it stays under 600. At the rate I've been increasing, should be able to stay under that number over the next two months, no problem. This was a relief to hear from my derm. He also confirmed two more months of treatment. My next appointment is on December 9th, so that would put my final appointmen
  22. Thanks sd85. I was kinda freaking out when I saw my results but then did some internet browsing and I guess 210isn't THAT high in the world of Accutane, so I'm not too worried anymore. I'll talk to my derm in the morning and see what he has to say about it. I'm hoping he'll do as you said above and just test again in 2 weeks. I'm ready to be off of this drug already.
  23. Bad news today. I had my labs done and found out my results. My derm appt is tomorrow morning but I can access my lab results online so already saw them. My liver enzymes are fine but my triglycerides shot WAY up from last month. I'm at 210 and last month I was at 130. Before that I was under 90. Little worried about this. Wondering if its cause I ate breakfast before I went and my diet hasn't been great this month? Anybody have similar situation? What level will they pull you off Accu
  24. I've been hovering between 160 & 165 lbs during my course. From what I understand, 80mg is about right considering I'm only supposed to be on it for 5 months. I started at 40mg and then bumped up after two weeks. The bump was noticeable. AND - thanks for the encouragement!
  25. Day 90 - 80mg (60 to go!): Aaaaannnndddd.....back up on the roller coaster that is Accutane! My skin is on an upswing again after my depressing post of disappointment last week. The new actives from last week have all subsided and are now just red spots (one still peeling alot). Today marks the first day that I have worn NO FOUNDATION to work. Only concealer and pressed powder. This is a big step for me and I'm excited. I DID have to spend about 15 minutes with a concealer brush and my