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  1. Hello and Happy New Year ! Everything is just fine, I got used to moisturizing myself everyday and it feels great. Here's my rig : La Roche-Posay - Lipikar Baume AP ( body moisturizing once every 2 days, I use it on androgenic zones << upper arms, upper back, neck, behind ears, shoulders and upper chest >> ) Bioderma - Atoderm ( soap for washing , face washing as well ) Ivatherm - Ivahydra+ ( face moisturizing cream , I've used Vichy - Normaderm before twice daily and my f
  2. Entering the 3rd month of Accutane. Keeping it 40mg / day. I have no complaints, except dry lips, but I bought a professional lip balm that really gives results. Anyway, I may have chopped lips, but smiling chopped lips.
  3. I really don't know the day. But I'm sure it's about Day 40 or so, anyway it does not matter, everything is very good. I got some few small pimples and a little bump on my face since I doubled up the dose, nothing to serious, they died in a few days. About side effects. Well, I must say that if you forget to moisturize your lips, they will hurt, yeah, and do not drink alcohol. I got wasted recently and the next day my face was irritated, my stomach hurt, and got 2 pimples as a bonus on top
  4. Day 28: Almost one month has passed. Even though my dermatologist sayed to go with 30mg (if the treatment was doing well), I'm going with 40mg *troll face*. Really, for all people that have second thoughts on accutane, just stop reading other people's complaints/side effects and try it yourself. I doubled my running record during the first month of accutane, I ran 13km without stopping, I'm doing exercises daily ( so muscle pain is bullshit in my case ), I eat healthy, I stopped drinking alc
  5. It's Day 17 : I haven't written because there was nothing special to say, it's like almost I don't take accutane, I don't have any side effects except , chopped lips, dehydrated skin, I had one nose bleed ( very minor one ), maybe some muscle pains ( but I workout daily and it I don't feel it no more ) I wanna make a quick reminder : What accutane will give me and why do I do this treatment ? Beside the fact it will give me an ultra clear face 100% no doubt, it will show me how powerful I am
  6. Day 8 : A few small pimples on my cheek and a new cyst on my face. Side effects today : none, I kinda had to go around and I've been exposed to the sun but fortunately no side effects. I'll try avoiding sun a lot for the next days. My mood today : Good, had a lot of work, been kinda stressed but had fun as well. Day 9 : On this day I jogged, and it was fine, I felt afterwards a little pain in my lower back but it was ok. My lips start cracking I should use more lip moisturizer. Mood: Very go
  7. Day 5: Everything is just fine, my lips are starting to get drier, but no probs, everything will be ok no matter what. I use moisturizer for face and lips nightly and I take Silimarine for the liver, avoid sugars and fats to keep my triglyceride and colesterol levels in shape. Mood: Extraordinary .. in a good way that is. Day 6: All good today, either I'm getting a cold ( I feel my nose either dry or stuffed , I have no idea ) either it's accutane. Lips are drier and drier, face is ok itchy
  8. Day 4 : Felt great, no problems, today, it's like I didn't take it.
  9. Day 3 : I started a few hours ago to feel a weakness in my body and muscles, a very small pain in my lower back (noticed while doing my yoga & stretching), I kinda like this small 'high' and relaxation I feel throughout my whole body, it's very relaxing. I think I won't be having problems with sleeping for the next few months, hehe.
  10. Day 3: Few cysts, but not on my face, one on the back of my leg (lol), one on my elbow, on on my biceps, and I think one is forming in the back. Face a little bit red, lips a little bit dry. Mood: Very Good Side effects: Yesterday I was a bit sleepy, today I don't feel anything.
  11. spacemind

    Cheerios's Roaccutane Log

    I started yesterday, with 20mg and I'm 167lbs(76kg) , very high dosage comparing to mine. Also don't forget, drink plenty of water.
  12. Hello there, I never though I would arrive to this point but you'll find out why. Long story short : been suffering since 10th grade, I'm now 2nd year in college. I have them all over my face and they're absolutely horrible but I always had a positive attitude, and they never brought me down. Social effects : lots of friends , only girl problems, I don't want them to be with me looking like that, so I don't bother trying. Psychological : at first I had a negative attitude towards th
  13. Yes I have been called names. I was walking around the city and two girls laughed at me saying "Boy, what's that on your face, did someone beat you up?" , when I saw those ... ugly, sluty girls saying something like that I exploded in my head ( I always had a huge ego. ) and I went to them and I said "Girls, what's that in your heads ? Did someone still your brain ? My acne will cure you'll stay ugly as shit all your pathetic life. " My reaction was my frustration 'breaking out', I regret for
  14. spacemind

    Acne ISN'T ugly

    Try saying that to my polymorphic acne. Heh, come on, let's face it, acne makes you kinda ugly, but it's not that big of a deal, I have serious acne on my face, for a long time, not just some zits and bitch about them all the time, and I have a great life, lots of friends, lots of action, less action with the girls I admit it but wait after my acne's gone. The problem we're facing is that we don't need to lie ourselves, we just need to realize that people don't really care so much, come on, it'
  15. I am 100% convinced that there is a link between dairy and acne. The bad thing about dairy is the fact that it's pretty hard to stand by it, because you have to avoid : sugars, fried food, fast food, fatty foods, bread, milk, cheese. These might seem like a few things to avoid but sugars or fats are almost in every product out there. Anyway, cutting to the chase : I never had a breakout or a new pimple while I was on a dairy. And I mean like never, but there were periods when I just forget and