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  1. No, not yet. But I was prescribed a benzoyle peroxide wash before accutane. It only worked for a few months I wouldn't mind getting on accutane again but I'm commissioning in the navy in a few months. The navy disqualifies anyone with accutane in their system.
  2. Hello all, I was just wondering if any of you had any suggestions on what I can do to deal with my persistent acne. *picture attached Some background about me: - On accutane for 6 months, was clear for 5 months. - Currently on tazorac .1%. I have been on taz for about 11 months. - Diet -- Eat rice 5x a week -- Drink 10 glasses of water a day -- I don't eat sweets - I'm currently using cetaphil cleanser and cerave moisturizer. I just feel miserable right now and have n
  3. TJ23

    Dry/oily skin

    I don't get why i have dry skin right after i wash my face in the morning but as the day goes on my face gets oily leading to more clogged pores and inflamed acne. I was wondering if there was any way to control this.
  4. So I've had acne since i was 15 and have been on and off antibiotics. Antibiotics usually got rid of my acne in 2-3 months. But these past 3 months of going back on antibiotics again results weren't the same. Doxycycline has controlled some cystic acne but im still getting these clogged pores that would lead to infalmed acne. Im thinking about getting off doxycycline and using tea tree oil. I also have moderate acne with dry/oily skin. If you guys have any suggestions it would be highly apprecia