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  1. horatio2398

    -removes ALL oil -leaves your face fresh -smells ok -looks scary on face -pretty messy It cleared off any excess oil on my face and made it super super soft. I love the feel of my skin after I clear it off. It makes my sink dirty but it is definitely worth it. Lush offers different sizes, and I use a dime size amount, and the little 9 dollar container has lasted me 3 months. It is harsh if you have dry skin, and I only use it once every 1 and a half weeks. All in All I LOVE it wit
  2. horatio2398

    -clears out break outs fast -doesn't smell good -very strong -can dry out skin if there are no pimples on it It is a great product for teen acne. If your skin breaks out on a certain area, use this and it will immediately clear this up. I tried it on big individual pimples, and it was really slow.
  3. horatio2398

    -smells good -exfoliates well -sometimes breaks my skin out -leaves skin red Good product for mornings. I thought it was ok. The smell is nice, and it works most of the time. I really like it to get the dead skin cells off.
  4. horatio2398

    -smells good -fluffy and effective -gets rid of oil -hurts eyes I really liked this. After working out, I put this on and it cleared out all my oil and left my face feeling really fresh. Great product!!