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  1. Acne from not shaving / touching your face with dirty hands / not washing your face and laying on a dirty pillow / using bad products That's what it looks like to me.
  2. Doctors are idiots. Same with people telling you to "drink more water and rub dog poo on your face twice a day" etc. They can't help you. You can only help yourself by learning from experience. I learned from experience. Check my recent thread. You definitely need to at least clean your face with a gentle liquid cleanser before bed. Besides that, your hormones are fucked. Fix the root cause. You could also take accutane. Seriously just don't listen to people telling you to use external produ
  3. Don't listen to anyone telling you to rub poo on your face or change your diet. It's futile. The root cause of acne is hormones... Get some bloodwork done. You have the genetic disposition for acne, and probably have super high testosterone (Mine was 880, normal range is 250 - 800). See my thread.
  4. I'm a 23 year-old male, struggled with acne for ages. For the past couple years the main issue was blackheads or "sebacious filaments" on my nose/cheeks (plus mild acne). I was seriously about to start using Retin-A to get rid of them... But instead, 4-5 months ago I just stopped using BHA and stopped exfoliating. Suprisingly, the pores and blackheads on my nose/cheeks became much less noticeable. (I also have been keeping a little scruff which looks way better.) The main thing is I have b
  5. I'm starting to use the 10% glycolic twice a week on my nose, and using 2% BHA on other nights. I guess they're mostly "sebaceous filaments" instead of blackheads but I need to get rid of them.
  6. Did you use salicylic and find it ineffective? I have 10% glycolic liquid which I used to use once a week and it helped with skin tone and breakouts. How often do you use it?
  7. I've been using Paula's Choice 2% BHA Gel in the shower for a couple years. I lightly exfoliate on wet skin for :30 then rinse off. It keeps my skin clearer and less dry/flaky than it would normally be, and softer. It also might help fade red marks faster. It's a staple for me. My main acne problem now is blackheads on my nose and upper cheeks. I decided to use 2% BHA Liquid on my nose every night (leave-on) to see if it would get rid of them. Within a few days it seemed like they were lighter.
  8. i actually was prescribed tretinoin .05 when i was 16 (i'm 22 now) and don't remember it doing anything. but... my memory is foggy from back then, i didn't know anything about skincare, and my acne was much worse. the products i use aren't irritating but my face feels dry and then gets oily. i definitely need some different products, especially a new moisturizer. and i may start using tretinoin. does it make your skin more dry/oily?
  9. this one? http://www.obagi.com/patients/product-line/nu-derm do you have before and after pics? i would like to see those kind of results. this is what i like to hear... which formulation did you use? and did it break you out at first?
  10. i washed my face last night. it felt like i needed to. can you explain your reasoning for just using water? i think cleansers do clean oil and clogged shit out of your pores. i don't think mine is the best but apparently it's ok.
  11. what are good probiotics? does it make a difference to take niacin flush/non-flush?
  12. bump. i'm specifically looking for supplements that you don't normally find in food. i have a good diet so don't think i need vitamin a, b, c, d, e... the only supplement i've taken for acne was 50mg zinc daily in the past for at least a year. it might work but might be placebo. but i've started taking it again, as well as fish oil. moar.
  13. i tried this for the past couple days. my skin unexpectedly feels drier and i had a bad breakout today.