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  1. So my three month completion mark is next week! insane!My skin is like AMAZINGLY loads better! Like i'm still breaking out hardcore on my shoulders and neck, but i seriously have maybe 5 active pimples right now. it's incredible. my skin is flaky along places where it's healing, and i've got some cysts that are awfully bloody? it's weird. anyway, i have smooth skin for the most part. i seriously want to touch it all the time!my red marks and scars are awful though :(yes!!!! i can't even believe
  2. so i'm almost 2 months into this whole accutane business. i've had a lot of improvements on my face, but i'm pretty pissed that i'm getting cystic acne places i've never broken out before...NECK. SHOULDERS. FOREHEAD. what the feck. side effects are completely fine. i drink a lot of water and use aquaphor every 30 seconds it seems. i can't wait to be doneeeeee. wahhhhh. also my face is so flippin red, i'm over that shiz. my red marks and scars are really prominent because of it, too. booo.
  3. so I'm about six and a half weeks into accutane. balls balls balls it is so annoying right now. my neck is freaking out! like huge cysts on my neck. i thought they were swollen lymph nodes at first, that's how big they are. my face is doing better. my left side (which is usually more broken out) is pretty much healed except for a dreadful amount of flat red marks. my skin is smooth where it's not broken out! so weird. my right side of the face is all broken out but at least it's healing. i can't
  4. so i saw my derm a few days ago and he upped my claravis dose to 60 a day from 40. not too shabby. my skin feels a lot smoother but it's definitely breaking out hard core this whole last week. like i never break out on the apples of my cheeks...but i've got HUGE nodules that look like headlights. they're swollen and red and awful. the left one yesterday even was so swollen that it was impairing my vision. like it rose up that much, i looked like i got punched in the eye.and breaking out is so a
  5. I can't believe my first month derm appt is this Friday. That went quickly! Maybe it's just because I'm hella busy. But here's the progress. I can actually hold my chin in my hand without pain! Although this huge cysts popped up on my neck this week, my biggest cluster on the left side of my jawline/mouth area has seriously decreased in swelling. It's not nearly as full and I can apply makeup to it without that awful tenderness. I seriously don't know what to do! I'm so surprised! Goal --
  6. Okay I was thinking. Acne has always been something I'm so self-conscious of! Like I was living in Spain...but I was afraid to swim in the Mediterranean Sea because my makeup would wash off. Or I stopped showering with my boyfriend because my makeup would wash off or the warm water would make everything redder. I was so nervous waking up next to him because I wouldn't have makeup on. It's always been this fight with makeup to cover. How shitty! I wouldn't wish painful acne on an enemy. I can't w
  7. I'M ACTUALLY SEEING IMPROVEMENTS HOLY SHEET. Okay but fo realz. The right side of my face? It's always been better than my left as far as the severe cystic acne goes, and it's starting not to be as painful or swollen. Wahoo!! However, I'm like all up in this every pore in my body is clogged thing, which sucks. And my hair is starting to get flaky from being so dry. But. Improvements are welcome. The only new nodules that started....two on my back. WTF. That's new. And one near my eyeball
  8. Flaky skin. Sick. Okay so gross, but tonight at 4th of July stuff, I actually had to go home and wash my face and redo my makeup. Like a little kid I know ran up to me to give me a hug and hit my right cheek where this awfully painful cyst/nodule has been brewing for about 5 weeks now. Well it like opened?! SICK! So I awkwardly took my mom's keys really quick and just lit out of there because it wouldn't like, pop, obviously but it was like oozey and gross and UGH. The shitty part is that
  9. HOLY DRY SKIN BATMAN. OUCH. lips, face. so tight and dry. even my throat is scratchy.
  10. I studied abroad in Spain from Jan. 2011 - May 2011. For spring break, I flew alone from Spain to the island of Malta. Few people speak English so I was just quietly reading while waiting in line to board my flight. The woman behind me had a passport from Ghana and I could tell she knew I spoke English. She eventually tapped me on the shoulder and was like, "English?" And so we began conversing about whatever... Finally we were about to board the plane when she stopped me, pulled me out of line
  11. Womp, womp. Freaking I just want this to be over with! Like no acne. COME ON. I seriously feel so on the outside from my friends. Last night was my friend's bachelorette party, but these cysts and nodules are impossible to cover with makeup and I just felt so gross all evening, even though the bars were dark. On the plus(?) side, I'm starting to feel dry! It's definitely flaking. Which, to me, means the Accutane is starting to work. My lips feel really smooth yet like so dehydrated. I'm drin
  12. Claravis journey!! Blog is on my member page Started: 27 June 2011 Month 1 -- 40mg Claravis, once daily. Month 2 -- 60mg Claravis, (30mg, 2x daily). Month 3 -- 60mg Claravis, (30mg, 2x daily). Female. 21. Lives in the Midwest. Senior in college! 5'8" and 125lbs. I've tried everything so now it's the big guns. Hopefully seeing "major changes" by my birthday and done by Thanksgiving or Christmas!
  13. BAH. SO annoyed. Okay, day 4. So far, I'm not too dry or anything, though I've been pretty careful with Aquaphor so as to prevent it just a little. But my face is insane! And I broke out like crazy all along where I got my eyebrows waxed the other day. Not sure if it's an effect of the Accutane but I'm annoyed. And tonight, I went out with my friends and after one beer, I swear I felt my cysts like throbbing! They hurt so badly, and I wasn't even touching them. They were legitimately throbbin
  14. I just started Acctuane 2 days ago for persistent severe acne. Here's hoping it works I started a blog on my page, so feel free to peruse if you want. Oh yeah, I'm a 21 year old female who has been struggling with this for like 6 years now. Ready for it to bounce.
  15. So tomorrow morning (7 hours!) I will take dose #3! I honestly cannot wait for this stuff to start working. My face is freaking out currently and is so painful. I can't find a makeup that works and if it weren't for my two jobs, I'd just go without. But while I was researching this site, I noticed many women posting their "regimens" and I figured I'd do the same. Morning: Wash face with Cetaphil for Normal to Oily Skin. Moisturizer is Cetaphil for all skin types. It's great and absorbs well
  16. The beginning! Okay, so I'm a 21 year old whose dermatologist diagnosed acne as severe, cystic/nodular acne. OUCH is all I gotta say. My acne problem started later than a lot of people; I was in my junior year of high school and it wasn't too terrible. Entering college, it got worse but makeup always covered them and they were pretty minor. Mostly my back acne was terrible -- cysts and the like. My sophomore year of college, I began taking birth control (Yaz) which did wonderful things for my
  17. just wait until your next pregnancy test / bloodwork when you actually get the Rx and have to answer the comprehension questions. i mean it won't hurt to get all set up but there's also no need to do it now because you won't be able to do anything until your dr. authorizes you.