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  1. I'm in the same boat as you right now and came here looking for solutions. I don't know what to do either!
  2. Thanks for that advice! My derm didn't say anything about that. My acne was mild the second time around, do you suggest still doing that? I am still unsure about all that. My derm says why treat something that's not there but then again it does still make sense.
  3. Your skin is looking beautiful and I can tell that with the makeup on too!
  4. I'm done and off Accutane! 100% clear as of now, hoping it stays this way
  5. Just stopping in- you're doing so well!!! I agree with the Clarisonic, you should probably quit. I sometimes feel that's what made my acne come back in the first place. It almost over cleans your face. But maybe if you only use it every other day or something.
  6. Month 3: I'm starting my 3rd month and my derm wants it to be my last. Never heard of anyone on a 3 month trial of Accutane but we'll see. What's everyone think about this? She said I can do a 4th if I really want to. I haven't had any actives for about a month or more now I think, so I guess it's okay. I just want this to be long-term results and I'm worried about that with only a 3 month dosage. We'll see I guess! Everything is super duper dry, which is expected. Other than that no
  7. Thanks, good luck to you too! I know what you mean, I'm done with these side effects too!
  8. DAY 28: I'm almost a month down! Wow! Alright well I had one active (!!!!) this past week and was so excited for it to clear and to not have any actives, but 2 others took its place. Which I shouldn't complain about! I went to the derm today and she said I'm looking so good I might only need a 3 month course. Which I'm very worried about. Next time I go in I'm going to tell her more about my history with Accutane and how my acne came back after a year and see if I can do the typical
  9. Nice! Sounds like steady improvement to me. I'm feeling you on the lips thing, some days are bad and others are bearable. All worth it for clear skin though!
  10. DAY 19: Things are looking up! My eyes are not dry and red anymore (YAY!) and my lips are dry but it's 100% more bearable than it was a few days ago. I only have like one zit on my face at this point!!! And I'm starting to get that Accutane glow I had when I was last on the pill. My face looks awesome right now. I'm excited! I have a tiny patch of eczema on my arm right now, which I had last course too. It's bearable too. Nothing else to report.
  11. Thanks! Nice, I hope you're happy with your progress!
  12. I have a question. My doctor told me (the day I got my prescription) to schedule my appointment for 3 weeks later to come back to view my lab results and get my next prescription. Well, I did that and today is the day I was told to get my blood work done. However, I have like 15 pills left. What's up with this? Why am I already getting labs again? I don't want to mess this up and I feel like it's too early to go back for my next set. With how many pills left should you have blood work done?
  13. (Quote from here) Good luck I never thought of it like that! Thanks! I'm definitely taking the pills every day though. While it is a good thought that my body is absorbing the medication better, it's also curious why I got so clear on Amnesteem. Maybe this time I'll stay clear though! Thanks