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  1. your acne is never totally under control.. i have been on the regimen since feb 2003 and i still get breakouts
  2. some say it does and some say it doesn't.. who knows, but if you break out from something its wise to stay away from it
  3. i use it twice a day but watch out it will dry ur skin abit
  4. don't pick thats all i can say
  5. yah my face was sweat and hot when i did it a few times but i am thinking if your in a hot room its not the regimen doing it, its the heat lol
  6. hey i was wondering do sports drinks such as powerade and gaterade cause acne to be worse because of the dye/color in it or does it depend on the type of person who drinks it. I have heard what you eat and drink won't cause acne but then again i can't drink milk because i break out, im not to sure about chocolate though because since i have been eating it over the holidays i really didn't break out, i would say 5 pimples at the most, but it could of been something else that done that lol /
  7. Ok i started this regimen Dec 22 2003 and it is now day 17 and my face is 99% clear.. I broke out in 4-5 pimples threw those 17 days but they disappeared in a snap because #1 i don't pick my face no more and #2 once they were popped i add bp to the spot and within 2 days they were completely gone. Updated Picture: http://acne.org/gallery/Gallary/jan7th2004gif P.S: Face is red around cheeks and forehead because i just did the Botchla Regimen not even 10 mins ago.