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  1. I just watched the pictures which I posted in late october and Im a bit shocked - I didn't remember it was so bad. Roaccutane is truly a miracle! Now: Right temple Left temple Forehead: Jaw: Like you could see, only redness is left and I have to say irl it isn't even so red.
  2. Okay It's 10 months since I started roaccutane 4month course so 6 months post-roaccutane. Face was finally clear just before 4. month and it left some scars on both temples and some redness is still there. I have been using just cleanser and moisturizer. Everything else is perfect, some single mini-spot occur sometimes, but Im very pleased with results, I hope it lasts. The course increased my cholesteron level but I hope this is going normal again. My only worry is my shoulders, where roaccuta
  3. Day 48 Time flies by so fast, before starting the course it seemed to take forever. Face is good, little breakouts sometimes but don't really care. Sideeffects are minimal, only headaches. Only concern is my bacne. It has got worst since starting course, very painful to carry a bag on my shoulders(. My skin on shoulders and back isn't dry but cysts are. Should I use some specific soap/shower gel and moisturizer on my shoulders and back too? I used some Austrian saltsoap and Sebamed soap before
  4. Pictures finally... Although they are new and not the ones I took some weeks ago, it hasn't changed much since then. These are taken right after shower and moisturizing. http://oi56.tinypic.com/6zm102.jpg - forehead, more or less the same, maybe a little improvement so far http://oi53.tinypic.com/huiq84.jpg - chin, lips are glossing because of Bepanthen http://oi51.tinypic.com/29ljztl.jpg - left temple, actually it was even worse few weeks back http://oi53.tinypic.com/98ejih.jpg - right temp
  5. Sorry for no pictures yet, I got my cam and took the pictures, but I haven't found usb yet. It's day 15 I'm doing well, feeling good. Skin isn't VERY dry but my lips are...like extremely. Acne hasn't changed much yet, there are some new whiteheads in some mornings but thats all. Chin is doing great, there are still a few spots and redness, but bigger ones are gone. I haven't missed any pills, but 2 nights I didn't wash my face. Oh and I have one question - If I sometimes wake up 12:00(1
  6. Pictures are coming as soon as I get my cam back from my friend, during this week.
  7. Day 6 Almost a week now and I have noticed something. 1) The first week passes slowly. 2) Today is the first day I feel like I have hangover. 2) My scalp, face and back has become itchy. 3) Lips and skin are becoming drier day by day. 4) It looks like skin is darker. I mean that spots used to be more red but now they are kinda more like skin color and are harder to notice(good thing). It has been rainy all week, almost no sun so it can't be because of that. 5) Im breaking out under my
  8. I'm 72kg(159lbs)... It's interesting, why such a difference? Because before saying the dosage he asked my weight so Im sure that it depends on the weight. The other thing is that some people has to start from lower dosages, I'm on 70mg all the way. Maybe it depends on what experiences the derm has had with patients? It's Day 4 now, skin is becoming more dry, nothing more.
  9. Day 2 Diarrhea is gone, can't complain about anything. Oh, and my mood has only got better day after day, probably because I waited the Roaccutane so long and I may be weirdo, but Im excited and always looking forward to take another capsules. Can't wait to see what's going to happen in the next few weeks(No, Im not even hoping that skin will clear up so fast, but I want to know that 'tane is doing the job). Atm Im not afraid of any sideeffects but the serious ones, but I know they are unlikely
  10. Day 1 Not much to report, but diarrhea. But I think it can't be linked with roaccutane, since I started only yesterday's evening with 2 pills, but again I don't know any other reasons, diet has been also correct. Let's see how things are tomorrow...
  11. Heey! I also got my first pills today, it's also actual brand name Roaccutane and my derm also told me, that course is going to last 4 months and by that time skin should be clean as a....perfect skin! DId u already popped a pills today or do u start tomorrow? But I hope u'll choose the option to update your blog at least every couple of weeks cause i'd love to follow it. Good luck!!
  12. Hi! My story: I'm 18y old male and I started fighting with acne when I was 15. At first(~year) I didn't go to derm and only used daily facewash. When acne started to take control of forehead, I finally went to closest derm. She prescribed me Differin and Duac(three months Diff, then three months Duac and so on). I saw improvements, but my acne never gone away and it was still mild-moderate orsmth. After three years, this summer, I started break out again, probably because I worked on constr
  13. Hi! I also have to wait sometime before I can start my course.(hopefully starting sept 27, gave my bloodtests in the end of august, I guess its just because he has so manypeople in the line) Waiting sucks, I have been reading so many logs, more I read, more I want to get started. I will be following your log.
  14. Good luck on your course! My forehead isnt very different to yours, I will be starting with accutane sept 27. Will be following your log.
  15. Hi mate! How are things going? Its you last month if Im not wrong?