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  1. bornunderabadsign: i admire your ability to endure, to earn money to go fix your face. Most deadbeats have their parents to provide for them, to fix a little tiny blemish, and here you are, determined to earn money to pay off the insanely expensive Dr. R. To tell you the truth, I feel the same way as you. I'm working my ass off and the only thing that keeps me going is the thought that maybe, just maybe, i can buy myself the freedom of improved skin. Im a jerseyan too, life here is stress
  2. Specifically, I'm interested in the smoothbeam procedure. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. as far as i'm concerned Vita - K is garbage. I used 1/4 of the bottle and tossed it. I mean how effective can a product whose primary active ingredient is grapeseed oil? I use tinted BP lotion for red marks. conceal and prevent is my philosophy. oxy is perhaps the best concealing bp lotion... however there is a catch... you must have tan skin. (i can only imagine how rediculous it must look on a pale skinned person).
  4. can you enter the chatroom directly through AIM... joining chatroom, "scars"
  5. Dear Tamara, Firstly, I admire your courage in getting up and being active about curing your scarring. Judging from your photo page, your efforts have been quite fruitful. Not only am I happy for you, but I am happy for myself. If someone else can have such a nice improvement, I can too! One question, forgive me if you already discussed it, how is the pain of the subcision procedure itself, starting from before the anesthesia, if any? How long will it leave you out of commision?
  6. Hey Scarred4life?, i'm sorry to hear about the disappointing results so far. Give it some more time. I was so optimistic about going to Dr. R but now I am feeling much more realistic and grounded about the whole situation after reading your posts. 30 - 40 % improvement ain't bad, but i'm sure you expected more from 1.6 K. But then again, I'd probably still pay 1.6 K for a 30 - 40 % improvement since it will change your life forever. Bornunderabadsign - i feel for you still. I must say that
  7. I don't think gender really is an issue when it comes to scarring. It effects both women and men the same. Why settle with imperfect skin when it can be good and smooth? Go for the treatment, and good luck, dude.. One ?... Did you phone dr. rappaport's office for the appointment? How much downtime will your treatments have (i'm sure you're busy with your work)... I live in jersey too, so seeing dr. r is a high possibility for me. I shudder at how much he must charge though... :? LETS A
  8. here are the pictures that I have seen of co2 lasering... WARNING: pictures are Graphic. http://members.rogers.com/healthyfaces/co2.htm
  9. Yea, peeps w/ great skin just don't know how sensitive we are about our faces! But i gotta tell you, be very careful with your face! Today, my stupid dog scratched my face accidently and barely missed a zit. I was soooo angry i could have kicked her(luckily i restrained myself). But all i can say is watch out for your face man!
  10. Let me clarify the subject : I saw some after-pictures of some procedures, and some of them were downright grotesque. Bloody faces, dripping with pus were some of the more vivid images that i recall seeing. surely, one can't expose himself in public looking like that. Is the downtime (due to temporary disfiguration) of some procedures keeping any of you from going through with the more radical procedures like dermabrasion and laser treatment? Im a very busy college student and I can't aff
  11. Ubahone - post of the week For the females, beleive it or not, Elizabeth Hurley suffers from scarring as well. But depressed - Just remember that action will keep you going. Don't let acne defeat you. Make it your goal to make enough $$$$ to get yourself some nice corrective treatments. Don't drop out... finish college, you never have to see anyone there again anyway. Get a job where u make minimal social interaction and work for some money. And then get your face fixed. -Jerry
  12. thank you anna for starting this great thread. I live very close to Dr. Rapaport and I am most definitely going to schedule an appointment with his office asap. When I find out more about this and his other treatments I'll let everyone here know... Hell i'll probably be getting it done and afterwards i'll give you guys a full testimonial w/ pics.
  13. I only read the first couple of post so forgive me if i repeat... I'm 21, I've had this terrible disease since I was in junior high, and my moderately scarred face reflects the battle i've been carrying on throughout my life. I can decisively say that yes, this condition has rattled my confidence. At an age where such a high premium is placed on physical attractiveness, how can it not? I often ask god (or who/whatever is behind everything) why he must waste a perfectly fine facial bone stru
  14. You guys have probably heard of this already, but eating above-average amounts of vitamin A supposedly reduces sebum production. I always have my refrigerator stocked with whole raw carrots, and I eat one daily. Its very tasty and quick, and honestly, It has helped clear my skin up. Be careful, however, Vitamin A is NOT water soluble, so you can overdose. But a single carrot has not adversely affected me.