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  1. Hey guys, I was thinking of trying out some home treatments for my scars. I was looking around and found dermarollers and microdermabrasion brushes. Unfortunately, I can't try all the high-end stuff right now because I am in college and money is tight. The scars also look way worse than they are in the pictures. In daylight, it looks REALLY bad. If I get any light coming from the side or the top, it would highlight it further. Lastly, I still have some acne on my cheek but I'm focused on fixin
  2. Hey guys, I took accutane from November-April of 2013-2014. My acne was severe but it managed to clear it up . My face was smooth but was left red and in scars. Ive been trying to find solutions to fix the scarring. But as of Late June, Ive been breaking out alot. Ive been getting a lot of white heads around my chin and have been getting under the skin acne around my lip area and forehead. As of right now, it feels like I might get one or two cysts on my forehead. My face has gone back to being
  3. HI, Im sorta new to these things. So if you dont mind me asking, what is a bha wash and where can i get it?
  4. hi, Sorry if this is the wrong section to post . I have moderate acne with some scarring. I also have oily skin and for the past year have noticed pores all on my nose, under the eyes, around the chin and under the nose. I apply biacna everynight for my acne and use a moisturizer and cleanser. I apply a mud mask once a week. Other than that, I dont really do anything else. I really do not like the look of the pores on my face especially considering they look bigger when my face is oily and
  5. So my mom got something for herself when she was out. She wanted me to see it and asked if it can help with my acne. It says Herbal tonic for face It contains Wild Turmaric,NEEM,MANJHISTAHA, Brahmi, Vitamin E, Papaya, Aloe-vera and mineral salts. My question is how would I use this? Do I put it on before sleeping and wash it off or keep it on? Is it good for me? Will it help with my acne and acne scars? Also I wash my face every night with Cetaphil face cleanser. Do I use the cleanser and t
  6. Hey guys, I have used Clindoxyl for almost a year and it worked for me alot.My doctor only gave me 3 refills and last week I have used my last bottle.The thing is my aunt got some Epiduo and gave me some.I have not used it yet because I am using Differin and Clindoxyl instead.I understand that both Clindoxyl and Epiduo has BP.So I was wondering since I ran out of Clindoxyl,can I replace it instead with Epiduo?So I don't have to go to the doctor to ask for more?Also will it break me out?Since its
  7. bump this sunny weather is making them look bigger than they actually are.
  8. Hi, I read somewhere on the internet that oil comes from within the pore and goes through the pore and the surface.(yea I know,this might be Face 101 but Im 15 and they don't teach us this in school -.-)So from this information ,It's telling me that the reason my pores are enlarged is because there is so much oil coming through that the pore has to enlarge in order for the oil to come out.I currently am on Differin and Clindoxyl.After a month my acne started clearing up and I started to take mor
  9. Heyy guys I just need tips on how to clear my blackheads and my big pores on my nose and cheek area.I have pretty really oily skin in that area and I want to clear it, minimize the pores and prevent them from coming back.I have ALOT of blackheads starting from the tip of my nose to maybe halfway up.Can anyone maybe give me a nightly routine or some products I can use?
  10. Yea I have the problem too =( I think I have more but some are just big pores that are clean.Is there any specific product I can get to minimize the pores on my nose and around that area and clean all the blackheads?Something I can get in Canada because I live in Toronto.
  11. Hi, I just recently joined acne.org to search answers about acne in one website.I started getting acne when I was 13 and now Im 15.Over time my acnes like a roller coaster.During the school time they would get pretty bad and during summer vacation they would clear and so on.Now that I'm older I realized on how bad I picked at my acne and always popped it.When in high school a lot of my friends would mention my acne and it would always make me think.My acne got to me pretty mentally when me and m