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  1. An area of both my cheeks and between my eyebrows are red, and within it are flat red dots. The derm told me I have rosacea and seb derm. Nothing seems to improve it. It is never changing. What is it?
  2. Just wondering if the lock mechanism closes the bottle in some way and preserves the inside? If I am not travelling I never lock it.
  3. Everyone says to cleanse 'gently' and not use too much pressure, but how much, exactly, is too much? Should I glide my fingers with almost zero pressure? If someone can clear this up for me it'd be much appreciated!
  4. So, as my acne ends its phase after beginning to slowly fade months ago, I suddenly get seborrheic dermatitis right where my acne used to be... GREAT. Now, I have not seen a professional to check what it is but it's pretty much a typical looking case, outwards from my laugh lines and stopping abruptly. It's not a bad case but its still very frustrating because I just conquered one ailment on that area and now I have another, apparently untreatable one? Way to throw a curveball at me, skin.
  5. Hi guys, I am wondering why only a specific, bordered part of my cheek is oily? Just a circular area of my cheek is oily, and the oilyness stops very abruptly outside of that circle. I hope you understand what I am explaining and can explain why this is!
  6. Hi guys, I am using Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser and am wondering how hard I should be pressing on my skin in order to clean correctly? Does it also matter how much cleanser I use in one washing? (other than wasting)
  7. I use cetaphil cleanser and i'm not sure how hard to press, I want to be hard enough to clean the dirt off but not so hard that the pimples break open or my skin gets irritated. Is there a guideline?
  8. Will dirt still be removed if you ware just spreading the product on your skin rather than scrubbing?
  9. I have to say that after a week here in university dorms my skin is the best it has been in almost 2 years despite constant drinking and partying. The showerhead could be the reason but I also think the water we get is cleaner than I got back home. im happy bout this though hah
  10. I moved into a new place and the showerhead is the type where there are thin high pressure strands of water spraying out. Should I be concerned that it might break open zits or what not? Lol
  11. Update: got neutragena and it feels more moisturising. Now I have to figure out if the redness is due to lack of moisture or irritation from BP which will take a few days at least. Im pretty sure its the moisturiser since when I used hardly any bp I was still red.
  12. Bp is 2.5% but i use so little that Its impossible that overuse is the problem. I also apply once daily. Ill try using a stronger moisturiser and if that doesnt help ill have to cut back on my use even more!
  13. I use Olay Moisturising Lotion. Ill get another one tomorrow to try (any reccomendations?). Man im really depressed about this, im so sick of it.
  14. Please help me, I am desperate. I use very very little BP on my skin and moisturize all the time. However, my skin is still red after 2 years of doing this. I have no idea what to do. Maybe ive been allergic this whole time? Can I switch to Retin-A or something without having a breakout? What do I do?