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  1. 2 years on spironolactone and starting to have major breakouts again...
  2. rachwannaglow

    April 6th, 2012

    Started to clear up for a few months and now I am breaking out again. Too good to be true i guess...
  3. rachwannaglow

    Finally clearing up...

    Been on Septra for 3.5 months now and my skin is starting to clear up. Small active acne bumps and the rest is scaring and red spots. Also cut out diet soda and switched to a gentle soap. Hope it stays this way. Fingers crossed.
  4. rachwannaglow

    January 24th, 2012

    On Septra for 2 months now...no change...
  5. rachwannaglow

    December 23, 2011

    Acne is getting worse and more painful...Started on a new sulfa antibiotic after meno for a year. Feeling pretty helpless...
  6. rachwannaglow

    November 2011

    With ALOT Makeup...Worse it's been in months...
  7. rachwannaglow

    September 2011

    September 2011
  8. rachwannaglow

    Getting Worse...

    Acne is getting worse. Big difference from last month :-(
  9. After 6 months of Accutane in 2007. My skin was clear until a month ago...
  10. Acne has killed my personality. I feel disgusting, therefore I don't want to be in social situations. When I am in a social situation I cover my face, look at the floor, and do my best not to be noticed. Acne is not only physically damaging. It is hurting me from the inside out. It's all I think about. I am a different person because of it. I lost myself because of it.
  11. I was on accutane 4 years ago and experienced joint pain. In my elbows and lower back. In the end it's all worth it for the results of accutane. After I was off accutane for a few days. I never had joint pain after that. Icing always helped me.
  12. I was on accutane 4 years ago and it cleared up my skin. Last month my skin returned to its old ways. I'm covered in acne and feeling pretty low. I lost my insurance a few months ago and am on CMSP. The county insurance here in California. Can someone please tell me if CMSP covers accutane? I know it wont cover the derm, but will it cover the pills? The doctor says accutane is something she would never prescribe. I dont want to pay a derm and not be able to pay for the meds out of pocket. Plesae
  13. I am also on CMSP. Looks like your reply was from 2007. Did it work out for you with CMSP? Thanks!