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  1. How can I relieve my skin of this horrid flaking and peeling.. I`m basically at my wits end here. I moisturize every day and every night but to no avail my skin is still so FLAKY! I need to be able to wear make up and this has basically just ruined that. I use RAM 0.1% every third night. The morning of the night after I use RAM I wash with cleanser and use a microfiber cloth to try and get the flakes off and it looks like its ok then. But AS SOON as I put concealer or foundation on my skin i
  2. Hi all! Totally new here and figured I'd start off documenting my Minocycline+RAM+Diane 35 BC regime. I started developing acne at 21. I just recently turned 22 on the 5th of December. My acne started in early October after NEVER having had acne before at all. It started off with a small patch on the right side of my face of these cystic zits. They were SOOO itchy so I would itch and itch until it started to spread ALL over my cheek. It started to really freak me out because I had no idea wh