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  1. Hey Everyone! When I use to be a face picker, (a habit that still creeps up on me from time to time) the worst part was that I was left with a huge scab on my face from picking it to death. As we all know scabs on your face from picking pimples and acne are the same as most other scabs you have anywhere else! It’s even worse on you face though, for a few reasons. Obviously a massive ugly scab can never be covered up well (I always layered on the makeup but by the end of the day, it was w
  2. The following blog is all about the lessons I learned dealing with blemish prone skin, and the products that cleared my face and gave me bck my confidence! Long, but WORTH the read!! Let me start off by saying that I struggled with blemish prone skin since I was in Gr. 11 (I am now in my last year of University). There was really a point where I felt like, this willl never get better - It didn't seem to be a phase, or something I would grow out of. After those 4 years, here are some import