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  1. great more red marks :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:
  2. i had one of these for about 2 months, actually when i started the regimen it finally killed the bastard!!!! it was a reocurring pimple.. very strange
  3. been on about 3 weeks just at night, doesnt do anything for me. i guess i'm gonna try going during the day and at night... ugh... the bp hates absorbing into my skin
  4. it was 200$ check out verilux.net or dermalux.com
  5. been usin it for 2 weeks. so far i've improved.. maybe just a coincidence. send me a message and i'll tell you how its goin and update.
  6. do you guys doing it just at night would help at all?
  7. yea my skins totally dry.. it absorbs alright into my forehead but the chin area is hard i guess cause its stubbly.. but i cant shave every day.. how am i gonna absorb 3 fingers when i can barely take 6 small dots of it?
  8. i just started the regimen today and when applying the bp..( i only used about 5 pea size drops) it seems its hard for my skin to absorb it, especially where i have stubble.. after rubbing it in for a bit some of it just kinda chunks up and i rolled it off cause the skin didnt want to take it.. this is the 1st time i've ever used the bp so maybe thats why.. also i am just about to mosturize so maybe that will help.. i just applied the bp after i got out the shower and i let my face dry.. anyone
  9. the cleanser i got was the purpose bar.. its orange.. got the 2.5 bp cream for mosturizer i grabbed curel ultra healing
  10. i was actually wondering if i could take off the front.. in the box the front is off and its just a plastic piece that clips over the face to block the lights.. when you take it off it is brighter and looks almost exactly like the dermalux light. www.dermalux.com here is a link to what i got. http://store.yahoo.com/egeneralmedical/ver...erhapaclig.html
  11. I tried it out... WOW its bright.. gotta wear the little goggle things. I'm also starting the regimen today so i'm almost postive these together will destroy my acne. The thing is i won't be able to tell how well the light works by itself. It is supposed to take 3 months to clear up acne and i just cant wait another day so thats why i started the regimen. If my acne does clear up i will stop the regimen and just use the light to see if it works alone. CHEERS!
  12. do you guys do a cold rinse after you wash your face? doesnt this make the pores close so wouldnt less BP get in your face?
  13. i have MILD acne and the area is MY WHOLE FACE.. lol.. so how much bp cream should i use on my first day of this? 2 fingers? 3? heh
  14. also can i use phisodermn as a cleanser? it also has salicylic acid.