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  1. pinkie25

    Works for me

    Works for me

    As advised by Winged Serpent in his post, "how I cleared my acne after 26 years", I take 500mg sustained release. I take 1 morning and night- with meal. Also at the same time I take 500 mg L- Carnatine. Also drink lots of water, and juice (fresh- like sweet potato, cucumber, celery...) every morning. However, the juicing and water alone didn't work. It wasn't till I started the Pantothenic Acid -timed release -and the L-Carnatine that my acne cleared. After 25+ years!!
  2. Ok, to be more specific, I had acne for about 28 years. And I said what worked for ME. You said smoothies are better than juice. If you're talking nutritionally, then I believe that is debatable. Also Pantothenic acid in HIGH doses can be harmful. I sincerely doubt anyone would have much trouble with 500 mg sustained release - which is what Winged Serpent recommends. This regimen is so simple- compared to the endless supplements and elimination diets I've tried over the years. But it has worked
  3. Wanted to add, I also eliminated fluoride as much as possible (no fluoride toothpaste and no tap water if it has flouride) since I broke out a lot around my mouth and chin. Not sure if that is a factor. I haven't had the nerve to reintroduce it yet.
  4. I struggled with pretty severe acne for over 20 years. Like you, I had also tried countless supplements and diets. Nothing ever worked. Just this year, I have FINALLY discovered what works for me. Search for Winged Serpent on Acne.org and read everything on his regimen. It's basically cut out sugar(which I did faithfully for a while, but have started cheating) , drink only water and lots of it, and the most important part -500 mg sustained release Pantothenic acid(he says once a day- I take twic
  5. OK, I just have to post again. I shared my story on Winged Serpent's page: "Clear after 26 years". But I just want to say this works. After struggling with horrible acne for 20+ years, I am clear! Here's what I am doing. 500 mg sustained release Pantothenic Acid 2x a day 500 mg L-Carnitine once a day with Pantothenic acid ( with a meal) try to reduce sugar intake lots of water Juice DAILY Always sweet potato with someting else like cucumber, celery, beet, etc. I use a mild cleaner -
  6. Okay, I can't believe I am writing this. After 25+ years of dealing with moderate - at times severe - acne, I am CLEAR!! Seriously, I started this regimen about 7 or 8 months ago. Actually I've been mostly clear for several months, but I wanted to wait to make sure it was not a fluke. Also, the last few months I've started cheating on sugar pretty bad, and I'm still 98% clear. I might get a couple small bumps around my time of the month, but they only last a couple days and leave no marks.
  7. I have been on the regimen, using Acne.org Cleanser, BP, and moisturizer for about 2 months now. I have had moderate acne for 20 years and this is the first time I have found something that really works. I have found that it helps to let the skin dry THOROUGHLY between each application. And the moisturizer takes FOREVER to dry. (like an hour) If I have to go out, I'll let it dry as much as I can then blot the remaining oil. But the Acne.org moisturizer is the only one I have EVER found that
  8. I only use 1 pump each of Acne.org cleanser and treatment a.m. and p.m. They last me almost 2 months. (8 oz) I use a lot more of the moisturizer. The 8 oz bottle only last me a month or so.
  9. pinkie25

    The only moisturizer I have EVER found that doesn't break me out. Takes a long time to dry I haven't used the old moisturizer, so I don't have anything to compare to. But overall, I am thrilled with this whole system. I have had moderate acne for 20 years and this moisturizer is the only one I have EVER found that doesn't break me out. I have always had very oily skin, but the Acne.org BP treatment is very drying, and the moisturizer is perfect. My skin is not oily at all now.
    I like the fact that it's a gel instead of a cream. And most importantly - it works! very drying After having acne for 20 years, and trying every product and every diet on the market, I finally found something that works. I love the whole Acne.org system.
  10. There's a lot of us on this site who know how you feel. I've fought moderate acne for 20 years. Keep your chin up. As my Dad used to tell me, " There's a lot more to you than the bumps on your face " Personally, I have noticed a lot of improvement recently. I am on a low carb. diet ( no refined sugars, minimal carbs, only whole grains - I'm actually doing gluten free) Dan's regimen really helped a lot too. I'm on Acne.org products right now, but he lists some great over the counter produ