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  1. Hi! I have a question which may appear stupid. I am on a course of Amoxicillin right now. 2x a day. I took a tablet this morning, and the one next 2 it also came out of its protective seal. Is it ok to take it right now? Or is the tablet ineffective after 12 hours exposed to air? It was still in the box, and I only noticed now that the seal broke.
  2. I am so angry at myself. Had achieved clear skin after 20 years of battling against acne. Sure it was quite dry, but I had no more active pimple. I thought: What the heck! Maybe I can try something new. Bought a new soap, astringent and moisturizer from a big brand out there. Result was catastrophic. The soap is obviously full of alcohol and started ruining my skin. The astringent had the same effect. It actually made my skin peel instantly, which I never had before (some kind of pustular ecz
  3. Thanks everybody! Will stop using foam then. Clearly my skin is irritated and angry at the moment. It needs a break from all the products. How do you use the tissue to wipe off cleanser/lotion though? Do you take a tissue, but some water on and wipe the face off? Or do you use them without any water on it?
  4. Adult acne is awful. I think I found my main trigger: Water. 3 rounds of Accutane and countless topical/oral antibiotics or harsh creams/soaps have impacted my facial skin barrier. I do not have breakouts anywhere else than on the areas I treated and still am treating harshly (facial cheeks). Now when I stop putting water on my face, and use soothing creams morning and night, breakouts immediately stop and subside. Last time, I was able to achieve clearer skin in just about a week by
  5. Thanks for that. The popped area now has a large scab and the area around it turned purplish. Still hurting, but not oozing. Have put some ointment on it and will put a bandaid tonight. Really wonder where those huge nodules are coming from. Seriously, from Saturday to Wednesday is 5 days of growth and gunk accumulating... And it was still not ready! Don't know what to do about these. btw, you mentioned applying heat for inflammation. did you rather mean applying some ice?
  6. I have had one of those large cystic type of pimple. Started its lifecycle on Saturday with a painful red area on my chin. Continued on Sunday, still painful and small raised bump. Continued on Monday, still painful with bigger raised bump. Continued on Tuesday, still painful with bigger raised bump and visible gunk. This morning, it was still painful and with what I thought was white gunk. I popped it, and it took some time: 1. It seems the white gunk was not actually a whitehead b
  7. Probably won't either. Just looking for a solution to wash my skin without having yet another huge breakout. Maybe spring water. Or thermal water sprays.....
  8. by the way, I read about propolis tincture. Anyone every tried this? Indeed. I want to go more natural about it. Thinking propolis tincture but it's mixed with alcohol which can't be good for sensitive skin....
  9. You are right and it probably can't hurt to use do some exerise. Will start running again. My face is slowly getting better which suggests citrus or vitamin d or something i have put on my skin was the issue....
  10. Same here... Every single product breaks me out. I am now trying a new hydrating cream/emollioent. It is just a mess.
  11. It might be the citrus indeed... And now i am paying for it! I removed all processed sugar but I am still eating fruits. I also try to eat whatever does not break me out and does not contain milk or wheat. That is mainly fish, chicken and vegetables. Not much exercise these days, but maybe I should do some. Just don't feel like leaving the house with such a face.... Yes... I did the caveman regimen for a month in 2012.... Maybe did not do it correctly?
  12. Thanks for the nice message. I might try a naturopath. Nothing has worked until now so might go the natural route on my skin. I do not get how we get in such situations though. I have been treated with so many creams and antibiotics over the last 20 years. Only now did we find out about the staph, which has probably become resistent to all antibiotics I have been putting on my skin. Was also diagnosed with seb derm but not sure what to make of that. I never have red skin around my nose. It h
  13. Diet is very healthy. Have taken away all forms of dairy and wheat or gluten. Also removed sugar. Lately though, I have eaten quite a lot of fish and citrus. I guess this is part of what is breaking me out. I have also been supplementing with vitamin D, which I may be taking at too high a dose vs what my body needs (5,000 UI per day). I have stopped the D and also stopped the fish and citrus. Giving my liver a rest for the next few days.