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  1. Hey I decided to stop using the salcura spray last tuesday and went back to my usual spot gel! my skin has improved since! although i still use the salcura spray before i go to bed, compared to the usual routine of spraying it 2-3 times a day, just want to finish the product really! At the moment, my skin is taking a while to heal, its just blemished with small bumps on my skin. I really want it to go away as i like seeing fast results, so I've literally started using Rosehip Oil, which i firs
  2. Hey, I also bought Salcura Antiac spray after watching the show and I've been using it for 2 weeks now. I also had breakouts after using it for 2 days and it has been getting worse since! I would say in the 1st week of using it, my skin kept getting breakouts. In the 2nd week, it calmed down a bit, but my skin wasn't improving. I have small pumps on my foreheard, which I rarely get spots there, an little on my chin, but my cheeks have been the most affected. At the moment, the left-hand side o