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  1. 26 and missed out on my best years. I'll have to skip the next 10 or so too because of the nice scars the cysts leave behind. Fuck everything.
  2. hope that you are too young. most important thing is your craft, love and family. Not money and looks you fool I'm 26. Old enough to know that money, and physical attraction is the only thing that matters in today's society. There's no arguing this, sorry. Old enough to know people who say things like "Hobbies, love and family are more important than money!" just don't have any money and are making themselves feel better.
  3. How am I trolling? If anything, you guys are trolling OP by giving him false hope.
  4. hey dude. I understand how u feel and this is how my mind works too but no need to push your negative thoughts on to other people. this forum should be a place where we can be there to support and help each other There's no help for us...
  5. Fight for what? If you Acne there is nothing left to fight for. Acne + Acne scars = fucked for the rest of your life. No point in fighting.
  6. Welcome to the club, you're [screwed] for the rest of your life.
  7. umm...im hoping this is a spelling error and the word 'would' is ment to be 'wouldn't'... Its not a spelling error. Why would you leave your house if you have red disgusting shit growing on your face?
  8. The only reason people want to look good is to attract a sexual partner. You already have a boyfriend who you said loves you and does not care about your acne. There's only 2 possible reasons why you care about your appearance to people other than your boyfriend: 1) You want to attract other people besides your boyfriend 2) You don't believe your boyfriend when he says he doesn't care about your acne
  9. Honestly who gives a shit? Its on your back and chest, not your face..so who cares?
  10. Its not up for debate. Stop listening to lies. Beauty isn't subjective. It's actually really objective and most if not all people agree on universal beauty standards. You will never be beautiful or anything resembling beautiful if you have acne, its just the way it is. In fact, acne automatically makes you ugly and grotesque, no matter how bright or positive your "personality" is. Good luck embracing the truth.
  11. There it is. I want to see everyone whose skin is better than mine burn in a fire and die screaming. Fuck you acne. And [censored] you clear-skinned people. They can't even fathom the advantages they have in life. It doesn't even matter if they're missing limbs or have other serious medical conditions....the fact that they have clear skin will grant them a lifetime full of opportunities that someone with cystic acne will never get to have. They don't [censored] deserve it.
  12. Yep. I used to have a life, a girlfriend, and had no problems socializing..then I got acne and scarring and now I'm invisible to girls. Honestly having acne and scarring really reveals how the world works in a sad way. I'm trying to find an easy way to kill myself so i don't have to see people with their perfect fucking skin. I think jumping off a skyscraper is how I'm gonna go out. That will really show my acne who's boss. What's kind of terrifying to me though is I'm having thoughts about
  13. Fuck this world. [Censored] everyone with clear skin [Censored] everyone who won the genetic lottery Life isn't worth living with cystic acne and scars. It just isn't. Anyone who isn't conventionally attractive should just off themselves. Anyone who says differently is lying to comfort themselves from the cold hard truth. Truth is, your physical appearance is all that matters in this life. Even with a shit personality and a low IQ, good looks will still afford you everything this stu