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  1. no its not active nor painful at all. I use alot of products such as the products from here and body washes. I don't have no break out no more, its all scars.
  2. Ight, this is my acne, i have arm acne as you can see, i also have the same thing on my chest and back, it looks the same. What do you guys think my acne is, severe because i have it all over? Most of it is just scars only, SCARS!
  3. i hate people who come on here sayin what kind of acne u have. u have nothing. on top of that, you should be glad.
  4. What i did personally, i waited couple months. I told her can i ask her something and she was like yea, and just told her, she didnt even care. If your gonna date a girl and tell her in a week dont bother lol.
  5. I have acne i think on my uppers arms, chest back. I dont even see bumps, i think its just old scars but theres are some bumps. hmm is Vasline TOTAL MOISTURIZE watever its called good for the skin? Anyone? Thx.
  6. Just because you have acne on, chest, back, upper arms, and neck, does that automatic mean you have severe acne? cause i have all of it, but alot of black heads n scars msotly. But does it make it severe to have it everywhere?
  7. yea the light is clearing it up abit, its mostly scaring though from acne i think. i havent got any acne on my back in a while.
  8. head and shoulders is a shampoo right? not for the skin? im using neutrogena salicylic acid, but no change :/ ima try out the other ones as well though, thx man.
  9. Do you think my acne or PF is severe? sure what suggestions u got?