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  1. no its not active nor painful at all. I use alot of products such as the products from here and body washes. I don't have no break out no more, its all scars.
  2. Ight, this is my acne, i have arm acne as you can see, i also have the same thing on my chest and back, it looks the same. What do you guys think my acne is, severe because i have it all over? Most of it is just scars only, SCARS!
  3. i hate people who come on here sayin what kind of acne u have. u have nothing. on top of that, you should be glad.
  4. What i did personally, i waited couple months. I told her can i ask her something and she was like yea, and just told her, she didnt even care. If your gonna date a girl and tell her in a week dont bother lol.
  5. I have acne i think on my uppers arms, chest back. I dont even see bumps, i think its just old scars but theres are some bumps. hmm is Vasline TOTAL MOISTURIZE watever its called good for the skin? Anyone? Thx.
  6. its a whitehead, a big as one to.lol leave it alone.
  7. Just because you have acne on, chest, back, upper arms, and neck, does that automatic mean you have severe acne? cause i have all of it, but alot of black heads n scars msotly. But does it make it severe to have it everywhere?
  8. yea the light is clearing it up abit, its mostly scaring though from acne i think. i havent got any acne on my back in a while.
  9. head and shoulders is a shampoo right? not for the skin? im using neutrogena salicylic acid, but no change :/ ima try out the other ones as well though, thx man.
  10. Do you think my acne or PF is severe? sure what suggestions u got?