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  1. After 2 years. Sorry but the process is very-very slow ! 3 times/week it's too much, have mercy for your skin :(.
  2. I don't know the derminator, I stop using dermarolling in 2014, acne scars don't bother me anymore.
  3. You are a woman or a men ? ( man’s skin is about 25% thicker than a woman’s). Maybe you press too hard ?? Go for 1.5 mm dermastamp and press gently for 10-15 times. For scars you must insert needles at the base of the scars. 0,75 and 1 mm in my opinion are too short to have any effect on scars. Scabs are ok, lasers make scabs and after the skin regenerate. Personally I use 2.0 mm dermaroller, dermapen, dermastamp, I press hard but never got scabs.
  4. Look for 192 neeedles. http://www.dermarollershop.com/blog/540-needle-dermaroller-review-shouldnt-use-one/
  5. Because the needles are located too close to each other, not penetrate the skin. Remember "fakir effect".
  6. 0,5 mm for scars don't work. Post a photo of your scars, 0,5 mm it's too short for the dermaroller to touch the base of the scars. Use 0.5 mm at most once per week not twice.
  7. If the dermaroller have 512 needles it's not good, you must use 192 needle dermarollers.
  8. 1. RetinA doesn't cure scars. 2. Vitamin is vitamin C 3. Retin A and Accutane are structural different and have different action.
  9. Red marks heal over time naturally (months - 1 year ?), scars probably never, hyperpigmentation yes with treatment.
  10. Leave the scar untouched for 1 year and after that start needling with DERMASTAMP or DERMAPEN not dermaroller. Red marks and hyper pigmentation doesn't matter.
  11. You will burn your skin if you will use Retin A with 0.25 mm dermaroller. Tretinoin it's a powerful drug apply on the skin and it's ok.
  12. RetinA doesn't cure acne scars. I use it for many years, there are not a single cream in this world to erase acne scars.