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  1. hi thanx for your advices .

    1. ı on on accutane treatment 1 month this is 31. day of the treatment ı give blood example today for biochemical blood test for accutane how effect me .so tomorrow take the results and go to the doctor for continue or stop accutane treatment .but acnes is not too much at the start treatment .Now on my face acnes is too much so i worry about this .When acnes stop growing and when start this medicine cure and heal my face ?my face is too bad now
    2. thx for your important advices mr jay. my current treatment is 20 morning +20 night Accutane .also ı checked out Sebamed 50+factor sunlight protective oil free lotion .but ı still need a good cleanser to use while ı wash my face.Accutane makes my skin very sensitive and dry so ı cant use my old face clean product.ı using accutane 1 month but still everyday acnes grown on my face. everyday ı wake up with new acnes . when accutane stops these stiuatioN?ı need advice person from older than
    3. thanx bro. so can u take a look my album and my bad skin with acne face maybe u give me more advices ı need to help my face is too bad sorry for bad english.
    4. ım 20 y.o. male and having trouble with my skin ı have many papusles nodules and acne on my face so ı have a modarete acne problem so with accutane same time can ı using %5 BP or not use ? if ı use how effect my skin ?cause of my ask accutane dries and very sensivity my skin .my skin is dry but still everyday and everyday ı have more acne
    5. ı used 20+10 mg daily accutane and still more acne day by day :( 3rd weeks of starting